Restaurant Review - 185 Watling Street

185 Watling Street is by far the best place to visit if you’re looking for a cocktail or two on a Saturday night and as a regular visitor, I know what a great place it can be for socialising. However, it’s rare for me to visit on a Tuesday night for dinner, so I was looking forward to the prospect of eating off their main menu for the first time. When it came to booking a table for my friend and I for 6pm only the night before, the efficient and attentive service by the lady on the phone was brilliant and she was able to book me a table straight away. But what impressed me the most was that I was asked during my booking on if myself or my plus one had any dietary requirements. A small detail, but an important detail which made a huge impact to my booking experience, therefore I was even more excited to experience what 185 Watling Street had to offer…

According to 185 Watling Street, they are a classic British pub within a relaxed environment reflecting the very best in British design with a warm friendly welcome. This was certainly the case, but as you enter 185 Watling Street, you can’t quite believe you’re in Towcester still, because the decor and the atmosphere is unlike anything else available in the town. 185 Watling Street is bursting with character, a mixture of traditional and modern eye-catching interior and considering it was a Tuesday night, it was busy enough to experience the whole atmosphere, but without being too busy so we couldn’t hear ourselves talk.

We loved how accommodating our waitress was because she would always approach us a few moments after being served each course to enquire how everything was.

As we entered, we were seen to straight away by a bubbly waitress who showed us to our seats, offered to take our coats to hang up and asked if we would like to hear the specials of the day. So far, I was highly impressed as it’s been awhile since I’ve received first class customer service and care from a restaurant, so it gave me high hopes to what was to come.

I had previously looked at the menu online, but even once we were sat down and browsing through, I found myself indecisive on what to have as there was so much choice! It took us a while to decide what we eventually wanted, but luckily our waitress gave us plenty of time to decide and we didn’t feel pressured to make a decision too quickly. It was as if she had mind-powers, because as soon as we had decided, she approached our table straight away and took our order.

For starter, I decided to have their Gressingham Duck Carpaccio which came with a Chicory and Blood Orange Salad, Candied Walnuts, with iceberg lettuce and chopped tomatoes which was a dish full of flavour and a respectable size that wasn’t going to fill me up too much before my main course. I rarely choose Duck Carpaccio, so I was pleasantly surprised and was in awe over the tangerine flavoured sauce it had.

Whilst ordering, I asked the waitress what white wine she would recommend to go with a steak. She was very honest and informed us that she wasn’t sure due to being under the legal age to drink, but she would go and ask her manager; to which she did quickly and efficiently and came back to suggest I go for a glass of Viognier, Domaine Preignes le Vieux wine to compliment my dinner.

I decided to go for a classic British dish; a 10oz medium-rare Rump Steak with their chunky chips which I had heard rave reviews about, this came with a pea puree, spring onions, a king oyster mushroom and I chose peppercorn sauce. As my friend is pregnant, our waitress was very accommodating towards her to ensure that her food was more well-done than usual and they didn’t disappoint as it was cooked to how she wanted it. She mentioned how she felt at ease knowing the waitress and chef had her best interests at heart.

The steak was cooked perfectly to how I wanted it; succulent and juicy. And I can certainly see why people rave about their chunky chips because they were certainly chunky, soft and fluffy on the inside but crispy and full of flavour on the outside. As requested, my glass of wine came with my main course and it complimented the meal perfectly, as it wasn’t too overpowering but it was sweet and infused with orange blossom.

No dinner is complete without pudding! Our waitress approached us with perfect timing after finishing our mains and asked us if we wanted to view the dessert menu straight away. Once again, there was so much option to what was available on their dessert menu; classic puddings, dessert wines, hot drinks and ports. Eventually, we both went for the same pudding, their White Chocolate Cheesecake, served with a passion fruit curd and cocoa nib wafers. The first taste of this dessert can only be described as a mind-blowing moment of complete indulgence, to which it completely finished us off!

We loved how accommodating our waitress was because she would always approach us a few moments after being served each course to enquire how everything was, if we would like anymore drinks and if we required anything else. We received first class service from the moment we entered, to the moment we paid our bill and left the building.

I certainly will have another reason to return to 185 Watling Street besides for cocktails on a Saturday night. I’ve never felt so relaxed, cared for and 100% satisfied with what was served on my plate. If you’re in Towcester, you need to come to 185 Watling Street for an epic dining experience!