3 Brand Success multi-level focus

Since inception in 2011 Pebble People Recruitment has experienced exceptional growth to become a multi-division organisation. 2017 was a year of tremendous success for the company and now, as we enter 2018, the company has developed its offering operating under 3 distinctive brands. Pebble People Recruitment - Henry James Commercial & Executive and thirdly United Drivers. Each division is focused on delivering the highest standard of service to clients and candidates throughout Northamptonshire and beyond.

Harry Bowden, Managing Director explains. "We realise that ours is a highly competitive and continuously evolving market. As such it is important that we have the capability, flexibility and diversity to meet our client's needs consistently. As our client base grows so does our team but the complexities and individual demands of a widely diverse and increasing client base means that to remain competitive we must be able to not only offer, but deliver, services to all areas of our client's business. Our 3 brands were created to ensure that each team within each brand is focused on their specific client's needs. Pebble People has established an excellent reputation for delivering consistently high levels of service to its clients in the industrial and commercial sectors.

As our reputation grows our clients and the new clients that continue to come to us each month have asked us to support every area and at every level of their business. Pebble continues to provide individual and volume requirements for warehouse, manufacturing and general industrial staff. Henry James Commercial & Executive provides administrative, commercial and customer service personnel in addition to confidentially managing our client's needs for permanent staff from mid-management through to senior executive level.

United Drivers does exactly what it says on the tin, it provides professional drivers from LGV 1 through to Van and Multi-Drop drivers. We are very confident that we can support the needs of companies across a wide range of industries. The individuals in each team have years of experience within their relevant sectors. Our efficient method of operation allows us to offer highly competitive rates while keeping total focus on service standards, compliance and delivery."

If you are considering your staffing support options in 2018 it would be a wise investment of time to talk to any of the teams at Pebble People, Henry James or United Drivers. Alternatively contact Harry Bowden directly on 01604 805888 or harry@pebble-people.com