5 unique ways we fully guarantee our customers complete and total satisfaction

As a business owner, I am guessing, you are forever being offered networking groups, mastermind groups and coaching to help you grow your business.

Every single one of them in it’s own way does a fantastic job of helping to create more leads and improve your business. The life of a business owner can be a journey of highs and lows; The highs of being able to manage your own time, bringing new customers on board and turning over excellent profits. The lows of sometimes feeling on your own, wondering where to turn, losing a customer, staff problems and the constant challenge of finding new leads and clients.

The brand new ‘Progressive Business Group’ will help you to address all these issues, help you to find the right balance for you and, most importantly, improve your business and profits. It will give you all of the above benefits, plus accountability calls and comes with a 300% money back guarantee. What more could you ask for?

Now this will not work for every business owner and the dynamics of each group will be carefully monitored to ensure every member adds value to each other.

Each Progressive Business Group will have a maximum of 8 members, the benefits will be;

- You who will meet for a whole day on a bi-monthly basis to brainstorm, share problems, advice, challenges, quality introductions and work ‘ON’ your business.

- The in-between months will be a 90 minute one to one coaching session to work on your specific business.

- Fortnightly phone calls to ensure you are on track.

- Monthly progress reports to monitor results.

- Access to world-class online sales and marketing training, including done for you examples and so much more.

You will need to have a team and your business been established for a couple of years to be able to maximise the benefit you receive from this group, and you will benefit from this group I guarantee you.

As David Boobyer of Tollers Solictors commented “Working with Brian might seem a really easy and straightforward process to a client. It can be simple too, understand your numbers, set your goals, work out a plan......and get your behind kicked if you do not stick to it!! Common sense as he might say........

What underpins all of that simplicity is the massive knowledge and experience Brian has. He brings that to bear with all of his client work, shining a light into dark places and leading the way. I would thoroughly recommend his services.”

Business is simple, it is not always easy. Make your life easier and build the business you deserve. Find out if the Progressive Business Group will add value to you and your business with our 45 minute health check.

brian@mpgrowth.co.uk or 01604 214695 or visit