New wave of kitchens rides into Bell of Northampton

After more than 120 years of selling a variety of kitchen brands, Bell of Northampton has two of its own kitchen lines.

The two ranges – Artline and Projekt + - have been sourced by Bell’s own designers and bring together its heritage and experience of kitchens with German engineering, contemporary design and modern technology to create a brand new wave of kitchens.


Designed to fit in with the way you live your life, the Artline range is described as ‘the ultimate lifestyle kitchen’. Working with the team at IndigoZest, a Bell of Northampton concession that specialises in home automation technologies, Artline brings German engineering together with smart technology to create a kitchen that wows!

Projekt +

Created in response to customers looking for a more affordable kitchen range that doesn’t compromise on the style and quality that Bell has become synonymous with, Projekt + kitchens boast a modern, contemporary look with clean lines in a range of styles, including handle-less cabinets and drawers. The choices are almost endless with a variety of options customers can customise to make the kitchen more bespoke and personal to them.

It looks sophisticated and contemporary with its clean lines but is also innovative with its quirky pull-outs, unusual space-saving cabinets and shelving solutions that can be customised to meet different needs and tastes. The Artline range can also incorporate smart home technology options, such as lights and speakers that can be controlled using a smart phone and high-end appliances.

Graham Jackson, Managing Director at Bell of Northampton, said: “We are genuinely thrilled by the introduction of these two new kitchen lines. We have invested around £100,000 on creating room settings for these new ranges and I couldn’t be prouder of our talented design team.

“The way we use kitchens has changed and will continue to evolve. We wanted to develop something that was high in quality but reflected our modern lifestyle. With these new lines we are reinventing ourselves – taking our past glories and experiences into a new wave, creating more affordable, high-end kitchens and luxury smart kitchens that can be personalised and individual to each and every one of our customers. We are designing dreams for people and that is hugely exciting!”

From the initial consultation at a Bell store through to the final installation, customers will receive a professional and collaborative service, allowing them to design a kitchen to suit their lifestyle with the help of the Bell team and designers. By combining the latest interior design concepts and storage solutions with top of the range appliances from carefully selected brands, customers can create a their own totally bespoke, dream kitchen.

The new kitchen ranges are now available at Bell’s flagship store in Northampton.

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