Use company culture to fill our digital, creative & marketing jobs

Creativity needs a certain level of freedom in order to encourage innovation. By developing your company’s culture you will not only benefit from innovative ideas but you will start to attract some of the brightest creative and technical minds. Jo Carter, Founder and Director of Concept Personnel gives her view on why it is more important to focus on culture when attracting and retaining staff in the ever popular Digital, Creative and Marketing sector.

In the media rich world that we live in, it makes sense that some of the most in demand jobs roles of today are in the creative and tech space. Hiring and retaining high calibre digital and creative staff members is critical for everyone from multinational corporations through to small family run businesses. When you pair that with the skills shortage in these areas it means you have a lot of competition when recruiting your next rising star.

But, you run a successful business. Surely you can throw some money at that problem?

Well, I am afraid not.

Today’s generation are demanding more from their jobs. Not because they are entitled but because there has been a fundamental shift in what people find important when choosing who to work for.

Jo Carter, Founder &  Managing Director  of Concept Personnel
Jo Carter, Founder & Managing Director of Concept Personnel

Due to the development of the internet and social media platforms, opportunities are more accessible than ever. Having a job for life is no longer desired and working for a business who doesn’t value you is burning out.

So what does the landscape look like today? What are candidates interested in?

When we mention company culture there is a tendency to think we are asking you to install ping pong tables and beanbags and whilst these sound fun and probably might go someway to attracting candidates what we really mean is making sure that your culture, vision and values are communicated and understood from the ground up.

In today’s competitive job market candidates want to work for a business they believe in. They want to be proud of who they work for and what they do. Especially on the technical and creative side.

A positive company culture will turn your staff into your biggest and most loyal fans which is one of the best recruitment marketing strategies as peer review is as important in the hiring process as it is for selling your products.

Creating a positive company culture not only helps with recruitment and staff retention but it also reduces excessive absenteeism and negative social behaviours such as social cliques and office politics.

How can you change your current culture and use it to attract staff?

• Be open and honest about what you represent

• Add a section on your website which tells job seekers about your culture and values

• Avoid bureaucratic processes that restrict creativity

• Encourage your managers to correct and not punish

• Put more emphasis on the types of projects your staff work on

• Consider your Company’s benefits package and include things like dedicated training budgets, flexible working, creative days etc

• Actively encourage team socialising events

• Offering the right salary is important too. But before you increase the salary, take a look at what else you have to offer. Making small changes to your company culture could make all the difference.

Concept Personnel advise on all areas of recruitment strategy for digital, marketing and creative candidates.

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