Top five destinations for sun in November and December

November and December can be dark and cold here in the UK with longer nights, so we spoke to Rob Gower of Dragonfly Traveller in Hardingstone, which offers a travel PA service to its clients, for his suggestions of where we can escape to for a bit of sun and relaxation.

Rob says: “In November it’s still beach weather in the Caribbean, so I’d advise you to go now before the Christmas rush and prices spike. Or get outdoors in South-East Asia, while it’s pleasant enough to sit in rooftop bars and go for walks. Parts of southern Europe are lovely right now too. Not hot, but crisp blue skies and mild days, ideal for wandering around the sights.

“It is also still possible to enjoy heavenly white-sand beaches in December if you know where to look.”

Here are Rob’s top five destinations for November and December holidays:

St Bart’s, Caribbean

The pink and white sand partnered with crystal clear waters make the beaches in Caribbean unrivalled worldwide. When these are partnered with blue skies and hot sunshine, it’s easy to see why spending an afternoon on the beach is well worth travelling for. And no day at the beach is complete without a cocktail to hand, and the Caribbean can promise you some of the most delicious rum cocktails!

Goa, India

Go to Goa where you’ll find exciting culture, delicious cuisine and can take your pick from magnificent beaches. As well as relaxing on the beach, you will find a busy and bustling market full of music, colour, lights and culture. Grab yourself some street food and pick up some beautiful jewellery and luxury fabrics to take home. You can also enjoy a range of activities, from a castaway cruise to dolphin watching, snorkelling and surfing. India is also the birthplace of yoga and there are plenty of opportunities to learn yoga and meditate in Goa for that ultimate relaxation.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Dubai is the ultimate luxury destination with an abundance of five, six and seven-star hotels. It’s famous for everything that’s the biggest and best, including the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, and the world’s first seven-star hotel, The Burj Al Arab, which is shaped like a sail. The Dubai Mall and Safa Park are also worth a look.

Cambodia, Asia

Much of Cambodia remains untouched by tourism and is brimming with temples and beaches. There is also a vibrant art scene and it is home to the bamboo train which tourists can ride. Sihanoukville is Cambodia’s premier beach resort and easily accessible from Siem Reap by air, or from Phnom Penh by road. Surrounded by tropical beaches and undeveloped islands, it is an enchanting paradise. For pure escapism, there is the Song Saa Private Island, which is nestled in the warm sapphire waters of Cambodia’s Koh Rong Archipelago.


Oman shares land borders with three countries: Saudi Arabia, Yemen, United Arab Emirates.

It is perfect for winter sun and has emerged as a hip holiday destination in recent years. Not only does Oman make for the perfect beach break, it also boasts beautiful mountain landscapes, over 500 forts, castles and towers to visit, and numerous coral reefs surrounding the Sultanate with dramatic wall drop-offs to tempt the more experienced diver. Tourists can also take part in kayaking, see dolphins, take a boat trip off the coast of Muscat or head to the desert for a 4×4 safari.

Rob and Lisa Gower of Dragonfly Traveller work as travel PAs, building bespoke holidays and trips for their customers. Call 01604 661100 or visit to find out more.