HR experts launch online system to help businesses comply with employment legislation

HR Solutions of Kettering, which specialises in providing outsourced HR support to other businesses, has launched an e-Learning and Policy Compliance system at

hrcompliance. The system enables organisations to train staff and stay up to date with employment legislation.

The system works by rolling out a company’s policies to its staff via an online portal. Staff read each policy and complete a short test at the end to demonstrate understanding and acceptance of the policy. The system also houses e-learning courses and videos on topics including workplace legislation; time management and negotiation; health and safety; and management training. Admins of the system can then run real time reports to demonstrate compliance which can be used as evidence when undergoing an ISO accredited standard or tendering for new contracts.

Greg Guilford Chief Executive Officer  at HR Solutions
Greg Guilford Chief Executive Officer at HR Solutions

Greg Guilford, Chief Executive Officer of HR Solutions, said: "Employment legislation is constantly changing and that is challenging for businesses as they have to ensure compliance and the costs are high if they get it wrong, such as compensation claims and legal fees as well as damage to an organisation’s reputation. This system has been designed to help companies be compliant and develop their staff whilst growing their business easily and cost-effectively.”

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