Partnerships will be key

“We are seeing new IoT innovations almost every day. We are connecting things that we never thought would be connected, creating incredible new value to industries. But where we see most of the opportunity, is where we partner with other vendors and create solutions that are not only connected but also share data. That shared data is the basis of a network of industries – sharing of insights to make tremendous gains for business and society, because no one company can solve this alone.” Cisco.

Stephen Westley Director at Daventry based IRIS IoT Solutions Limited. Pritesh Ganatra Managing Director at BTS
Stephen Westley Director at Daventry based IRIS IoT Solutions Limited. Pritesh Ganatra Managing Director at BTS

“Even the big guys acknowledge the necessity for strong partnerships in delivering successful IoT programs” explains Stephen Westley of Daventry based IRIS IoT Solutions Limited. “We’re proud to have recently been joined to the partner network of the world’s largest IoT services provider - the Vodafone IoT partner network - comprising the world's leading operators, hardware and application suppliers, systems integrators and distributors. To be acknowledged as a Vodafone IoT partner is a major endorsement of our services and product portfolio.”

IRIS and Vodafone have already collaborated on two ground breaking Agri Tech programs, both involving the monitoring of Livestock health and wellbeing and the prediction and prevention of illness. The first was awarded 2018 Industry Supply Chain Innovation accolade and is planned for international roll-out in the first half of 2019. The second program brings together unique image capture technology with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to process huge masses of data, creating a real-time decision-making platform for improvement in animal welfare and delivering significant cost savings to the industry.

Westley adds “Being a part of the Vodafone IoT partner network fits perfectly with our overall strategy - very few, if any, organisations have the complete services portfolio or capabilities to deliver on the full range of opportunities and benefits that IoT can deliver. Through partnerships and collaborations, IRIS brings together expertise in sensor design and engineering, solutions architecture, data analytics, software engineering, AI, connectivity and visualisation, alongside its own proprietary developments, for either the delivery of a complete end-to-end systems architecture, or simply the supply of standalone sensing solutions.”

However, its not just international relationships that are important to IRIS, partnerships closer to home are vital to its delivery strategy and none more so than its collaboration with Northampton’s BTS (UK) Limited. Managing Director Pritesh Ganatra is a well respected and popular figure within the region’s business scene having, over the last 20 years, assisted many organisations in their ‘tech journey’ and delivered a wide array of mobile and comms solutions and in 2016, was partly responsible for the launch of the City Fibre Gigabit network in Northampton. Pritesh is also very much a champion of British technology and particularly local talent and expertise.

Stephen Westley sees the partnership with BTS (UK) as just the start in how the challenge of delivering IoT programs could be turned into a huge opportunity for Northampton “At IRIS we not only want to provide support and assistance to local companies and organisations in improving their business processes, productivity and competitiveness, we want to do this in partnership with other local providers and technology businesses. However, we also believe that the opportunity is much bigger for Northampton. Uniquely positioned with its proximity to London, major cities and airports and a central, rural, location, Northampton could attract and develop a huge bank of new talent and enterprise. A great catalyst and foundation for this would be the establishing of a Digital Hub in Northampton – a location where knowledge could be shared, co-operation encouraged, and partnerships built. Just as South Northamptonshire is already globally recognised for High Tech Innovation focussed around Silverstone Park and the work of the Silverstone Technology Cluster, Northampton could become recognised for Digital Excellence and Enterprise by taking the first step in establishing a Digital Hub. As a university town, with a brand new £330 million central campus and enterprise zone, producing an exceptional pool of creative, tech related and digital talent, alongside world class Research and Development facilities and programs, we have the platform for leading the UK’s IoT revolution, let’s use it.”

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