Business advice & planning - guiding you every step of the way

When giving business advice to their clients, Keens Shay Keens’ primary goal is to help them prosper and ultimately to enjoy doing what they do best – running their business.

The team at KSKMK firmly believe that the giving of business advice should be based on a clear understanding of the goals and ambitions of the business and its owners. Without understanding those goals, advice can become worthless and even a distraction.

“Our first step in any business relationship is to meet with the business owners to discuss both personal and business strategies, ensuring that these are aligned and that we as advisers understand them. Simply giving advice on individual pieces of legislation, or to achieve one goal can be counter-productive in the long-run and therefore, our advice is of a holistic nature.” explains KSKMK Partner Liz Newell.

“Our aim is to work with you, as business owners and managers, to achieve those aims, over the long term.” Liz adds.

Business advice can take many forms, but there is a common list of areas where KSKMK are regularly asked to provide assistance:

Strategic reviews and planning - Helping you spot opportunities for improvement

Every business needs a written plan, be it a one page document for the business owner or a full strategic document which is reviewed at Board level. This document should be regularly revisited and the business performance measured against its targets.

Sometimes all it takes is someone taking an independent perspective of what you are doing to spot ways of making improvements, which is why certain of our clients ask us to perform non-executive reviews of their on-going performance to assist with their business strategy.

Financial forecasting – Working with you to identify ways to improve profitability

As your business grows, you want your profits to grow too, which is why one of KSKMK’s key areas of service is profit improvement and business value.

With the use of specialist software combined with the knowledge and experience of their people, KSKMK can help you to identify areas of your business where change could result in improved profitability.

“There is no magic formula to achieving an increase in the profits and value of a business, but if there are ways that we can identify to help you, we will.” Says KSKMK Partner Simon Gill

Raising finance – Giving your business the support it needs to grow and prosper

Raising finance is something that concerns businesses of all sizes when extra funding is needed, and in the current economic climate, it doesn’t get any easier.

Keens Shay Keens have extensive experience in raising funding for both existing and new businesses, whether for specific projects or general working capital. They can work with you in negotiating with existing finance providers, or introducing you to new sources of finance.

Any of the above areas may overlap, and indeed, interweave with taxation and other financial planning. Some may be relevant to you at a given point in time in your business’s life. Whatever stage you are at, or advice you might need, Keens Shay Keens are ready to help when, and if, required.

Next month, read how Keens Shay Keens MK can serve as your virtual finance department with their outsourc­ing services, providing the full suite of business ser­vices, flexible to your requirements, competitively priced and dedicated to helping your business be successful.

If you need more information on business advice and planning, get in touch with the team at Keens Shay Keens MK 01908 674484