A view from the Lieutenancy - generating collective impact

In today’s fast moving and challenging world there is a great need for the public, private, academic and charity sectors to work more closely together to address the social problems in our community. Someone who works extremely hard at not only supporting local charities and promoting the county but also in bringing the different sectors together is HM Lord-Lieutenant of Northamptonshire David Laing.

The Northamptonshire Lieutenancy is the link between the monarchy and the county of Northamptonshire. David was appointed as the Lord-Lieutenant in 2014. The role is non-political and unpaid.

David is supported by the Vice Lord-Lieutenant, Mr James Lowther, VLL., and a team of Deputy Lieutenants (DLs), appointed for their work in the county across a number of different fields. The Lord-Lieutenant and his Deputies are expected to serve for at least six years before the normal retirement age of 75 years.

The number of Deputy Lieutenants in each county is determined by the number of its inhabitants. Northamptonshire has 38. The Deputy Lieutenants support the Lord-Lieutenant in his understanding of what is going on in our own County, thanking those that make a significant contribution and ensuring that wherever possible, excellence is rewarded.

Not only does the Lieutenancy represent and uphold the dignity of the Crown and arrange royal visits to the county but it also celebrates the achievements of the people of Northamptonshire and their service to others. It helps to promote Northamptonshire communities, culture, services, heritage, business and charitable success while drawing attention to those addressing challenges and problems in the county. It also has a role in supporting the Armed Services and, in particular, the reserve forces and cadets.

Recently David launched the Lord-Lieutenant’s Leaders Forum, with a special guest lecture on Conscious Capitalism in March this year. This was followed up by a workshop supper on 3rd July, attended by over 30 local business leaders who discussed the way in which business and charities can work better together - through a greater understanding of each others hopes and needs, and in a way that benefits all parties.

David, supported by his wife Mary always has a very full agenda, morning, afternoon and night, but he and his Deputies are keen to learn more about local businesses, so please do contact David if you would like a visit, or would like to get involved in the Lord-Lieutenant’s Leaders’ Forum to share your charitable activities and learn more about how to work with local charities to create lasting social value through a ‘collective impact’ approach - in a way that supports the county and its people.

Contact details for the Lieutenancy are: Lieutenancy Office, One Angel Square, Angel Street, Northampton, NN1 1ED | Email: Linda Weller at LWeller@northamptonshire.gov.uk | Photos from the workshop supper event, visit https://photos.app.goo.gl/x16DtmvCKveUS4HQA