Sharp Rise in Apprenticeships Set to Continue

Between 2006 and 2016, the number of young people choosing an apprenticeship in England increased by nearly 200%! With over half a million apprenticeships now starting each year, it’s clear that business really see the value that apprentices can bring. Moreover, young people are keener than ever to seek out work-based training in their chosen industry.

As such, Northampton’s Moulton College provides a comprehensive range of apprenticeships in many areas including agriculture, animal care, construction, plumbing, tiling, bricklaying, building maintenance, floristry, carpentry, horticulture and stonemasonry.

Gerald Davies, Vice Principal at Moulton College, said: “I believe that the rise in apprenticeships is set to continue as more young people are choosing to learn on-the-job.

“We find that young people looking for apprenticeships are eager to learn and are loyal to the company who has invested in them. As such, businesses come back to us year after year with vacancies to fill!

“Employing an apprentice is also a cost effective way of creating a workforce with the specific skills that will benefit your business. Moreover, grants are available for employers to help cover costs - something that many businesses don’t realise.”

Lois Hook from Diane’s Grooming Centre in Northampton worked with Moulton College to take on an apprentice and is delighted with the outcome: “Our dog grooming salon needed an extra pair of hands and we were fortunate to meet a young girl who was desperate to learn a trade with animals. Six months on she is now a most valuable member of our grooming team. I feel having an apprentice has worked for us so much that we will be looking for another one!”

Did you know?:

· Apprenticeships can start at any time of year.

· 44% of apprentices are aged over 25.

· Grants are available to help businesses with the costs of employing an apprentice (for apprentices aged between 16 and 24).

· Business throughout England take on over half a million apprentices each year!

For more information about taking on an apprentice and the grants available, please contact the Apprenticeships Office at Moulton College on 01604 491131 or email us at

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