Celebrating 50 years

Northamptonshire Industrial Training Association Ltd, or NITAL as we are commonly known are a technical engineering training centre and registered charity based in Northamptonshire. We are celebrating our 50th year of supporting industry with apprenticeship and bespoke industry training.

During the last fifty years, Milton Keynes has grown from a small village into an industry metropolis in the heart of the Buckinghamshire. Indeed, in 2019 there is still no slowdown of growth and new businesses from start-ups to corporations are continuing to set up home there.

The success stories that NITAL continue to achieve for Northamptonshire in my view, shouldn’t be restricted to the county in our name.

I have had the great honour of working for Marshall Amplification, one of the biggest brands in Milton Keynes and a powerhouse in the music sector worldwide. I learned many things during my time there, and the attention to detail for electrical and mechanical assembly was on another level. These artisan skills were passed through the training process as “on the job” training. It’s part of their heritage and success factors and makes the company what it is today. But is that right for all businesses, or is it because of a lack of options?

Paul Dunlop - Chief Executive Officer at NITAL
Paul Dunlop - Chief Executive Officer at NITAL

What if a technical training provider can provide the foundations for engineering, design and electrical principles or indeed other technical requirements right there in the heart of Milton Keynes we want to help continuing to provide apprentice success stories in your town.

We need your help. I am reaching out to the businesses of Milton Keynes to gather thoughts on the skills you are struggling to find, demands for specialist training needs in your business, partnerships to provide upskilling of your current workforce, help with understanding the apprenticeships and government levy. We are hugely successful in Northamptonshire and want this success to be on offer to industries in Milton Keynes with your support.

Technical qualifications or T levels as they are more commonly known are on the horizon in 2021 for schools and colleges to provide technical training and experience to meet the needs of industry. We are already experienced to help support schools’ requirements and help deliver a strategic plan for delivery, placements and technical tasks to ensure these T Levels meet the expectations of the government.

Please email mkforum@nitaltrainme.org.uk to express your interest and let us know your views. In the next few months we will be providing a date for an apprenticeship forum event on how NITAL can support your town.

If you wish to visit our training centre in Kettering or would like to talk to one of our staff, our details are: address NITAL Training & Development, 2230 Kettering Parkway, Venture Park, Kettering, NN15 6XR, phone 01536 408188, visit www.nital.co.uk or follow us on Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/nital-training-and-development