Northamptonshire technology business launches flagship Apprentice Management Software

Rubitek Solutions of Blisworth has developed a software solution that guides employers and apprentices on a journey designed to increase engagement, improve retention and provide apprentices with a better chance of completing their apprenticeship.

The company is giving away up to 50 licenses to Northamptonshire employers in exchange for feedback which it says will help drive future development.

Rubitek Core which is the brainchild of Chief Executive Kerry Linley, is designed to help employers of apprentices, improve the opportunities for apprentices and increase their chances of completing an apprenticeship whilst reducing the administrative burden.

“Rubitek Core is for employers who are serious about delivering quality apprenticeship programmes. It is intuitive, accessible and affordable, guiding users through a best practice approach to employing, deploying, managing and supporting apprentices. The software is the first in a series of flexible and scalable solutions designed to put employers of all sizes and their apprentices in the driving seat.”

Some of our regions’ biggest industries have been talking about ‘skills shortages’ for decades. Apprentices can make a positive contribution but of those who start an apprenticeship in Britain, more than 30 per cent do not complete. As someone who has employed hundreds of apprentices and achieved successful outcomes, Kerry wants to help other employers increase their apprentice retention and completion levels and realise better returns on their investment in apprentice training.

The software works by capturing apprentice evidence and driving behaviours that are key to the successful delivery and achievement of an apprenticeship.

Employers can monitor apprentice behaviour and provide timely and appropriate interventions that support individuals who might be at risk of disengaging from their study, thereby improving the apprentice journey and their chances of a successful outcome.

The apprentice app, shortly available to download from the app store, provides an easy to use interface with a comprehensive suite of tools for apprentices including an online learning portal, a daily journal and evidence repository as well as timesheets that record and evidence on and off the job hours. Other features include a college check-in, absence reporting, holiday requests, expenses management, file sharing, messaging, inductions, reviews and more.