Milton Keynes hosts national safety event

Safety Groups UK was formed in 1947, initially as the Industrial Group Advisory Board to RoSPA and then through various name changes until 2005 when the organisation was renamed Safety Groups UK. The organisation is now a registered charity governed by our Constitution and associated documentation. It is well regarded and supported by the HSE and several other organisations. The objectives of SGUK are: to promote health and safety by providing support to a national network of health and safety groups within the UK. In particular we seek to: a) Help maintain and grow a national network of active, engaged health and safety groups who participate in raising health and safety issues within their communities and for the public benefit b) Help to maintain and establish accessible safety groups in all parts of the UK as well as the IoM and Channel Isles c) Help and encourage most safety groups to be active and engaged at the level of the best d) Try to ensure SGUK is recognised as the hub of the safety groups movement e) Act as an authoritative and respected participant in the health and safety system f) Attempt to have local groups recognised by SME’s as a friendly source of help and advice on a wide range of health and safety issues.

Norman Stevenson - Chairman at Safety Groups UK
Norman Stevenson - Chairman at Safety Groups UK

The Constitution describes how SGUK is to be run and the provisions made for various roles.

Over a year ago, Milton Keynes Group contacted us to inform us that they were struggling to continue as a group for a number of reasons. As previously stated, one of our aims is to help ailing groups get back on their feet, so 2 SGUK Board members met with the MK group and discussed several options and MK decided not to close, but to try and re establish themselves as a group, and this they have done very successfully. In order for SGUK to continue helping and supporting the local groups, we made the offer to hold a joint Milton Keynes meeting and SGUK AGM and jointly put on an event that would benefit all.

The meeting was hosted by Milton Keynes member company Schuco, there were around 40 attendees, and a very good programme was delivered, and an enjoyable and worthwhile day was had by all present, Milton Keynes can be proud of what they managed to provide on the day, SGUK consider this as a huge success story thanks to the dedication of the management committee of the group, with a little help and encouragement from the SGUK board.

Look out for details of the SGUK Awards which are free to enter, details can be found on the SGUK website and from a safety group close to you.

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