Firework Frenzy!

It was time to wrap up warm and have sparklers at the ready as Santa Pod Raceway presented its last event of the season ‘Fireworks Frenzy!’

Saturday Nov 3rd showcased a sensational line up of family fun in a Live Action Arena to witness stunts galore including Lee Bowers, the British Motorbike Stunt Champion, the masters of drifting Team Maximum Lock, and the Podzilla Monster Truck. Elsewhere saw an array of entertainment and family fun including drift rides, monster truck rides and more.

Firework night wouldn’t be the same without a roaring bonfire so Santa Pod lit theirs with a Jet Car! The climax of the day saw an incredible firework display and finished the 2018 season with a real bang!

Caroline Holden, Commercial Manager for the venue, said:

“We were at about capacity for Fireworks Frenzy as an arena show (especially as the Hall Park display in Rushden was cancelled at the last minute) and we don’t oversell so everyone gets a decent view!”

The event was created as an extra feature in our calendar a few years ago to alleviate the pressure on our traditional end of season racing and fireworks event – “Flame & Thunder” which is now one of Santa Pod’s biggest shows in the calendar and attracts over 10,000 spectators.

Caroline added:

“Fireworks Frenzy was added to provide a cheaper and simpler solution for the popular “Fireworks Night” particularly for our local residents and communities. Local firework events attracted some bad press a few years ago with unsuitable venues and health and safety concerns; Santa Pod as a permanent venue is ideally positioned to offer this kind of event in a safe and professional environment, so we stepped in when other event organisers couldn’t.”

Today, Fireworks Frenzy has become firmly established as the “go to” event for that special Guy Fawkes celebration.

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