Personalised support

Did you know that your autistic employees could access a range of support in the workplace through an Access to Work grant? This grant (of up to £57,200 per person) can be used to make alterations to the workplace but can also importantly fund mentoring and training for colleagues.

Thomas Cliffe - Managing Director at Track NN
Thomas Cliffe - Managing Director at Track NN

We are able to provide personalised training which is unique to your business, and can work with colleagues, supervisors and senior leaders to ensure that all of the business is aware and accepting of autism in the workplace. Through delivering a before-during-after training service we can ensure that it is relevant to both your business and also the individuals we are supporting. This can be delivered flexibly and can benefit all employees through increasing their awareness and acceptance of autism, which may also allow them to better support your customers as well

The 1-2-1 mentoring can also take place across an extended period allowing the employee to work with us and address a range of areas. As well as providing a member of staff to support induction, this extended mentoring can allow the employee to ask questions which they may feel otherwise uncomfortable asking.

Support for both the individual and the business can be provided during the application process, and if you have any further questions please contact us directly.

Autism Forward Mentoring

One of the services we provide is 1-2-1 mentoring for Autistic people seeking to access employment, and this is something which is showing great results already. Having met with Jane from Autism Forward we were delighted to be appointed as an approved mentor which means we can provide up to £1500 of 1-2-1 support across a 12-month period.

Our spaces filled up within weeks up advertising, and we are now working with a range of individuals all of whom have a common goal – accessing employment. The 1-2-1 sessions can involve anything from producing a CV, employer visits, interview support through to advocacy work once the person has successful obtained a job. We are very grateful to Autism Forward for providing this funding, which is allowing us to support individuals.

Across the 12 months each of our mentees will have a personalised plan, and we will work together to help them achieve their aims.

An Introduction to Autism in the Workplace

Thank you to all the businesses who attended our “Introduction to Autism in the Workplace” event at the PTS Academy Stadium in October, we had lots of fantastic feedback and we will be announcing details of our future events in the forthcoming weeks.

For information about how you can support your existing autistic employees, or how we can support you in recruiting new employees, click here.