Apprenticeships after GCSE’s

Don’t panic, but GSCE results day is approaching. Seriously. DON’T PANIC!

Results day doesn’t have to be a stressful event. But we can understand if it is, especially if your child hasn’t yet decided on what they want to do after school. We can imagine you’ve spoken to your child on the options available: Sixth Form or College? Maybe it’s time you add another option to your discussion: Apprenticeships.

What is an apprenticeship?

It means your child can earn a salary and gain a qualification at the same time. An apprenticeship usually takes between one to three years to complete, are made up of three parts and are all completed on the job, online or in a classroom. The huge benefit of an apprenticeship is that you’re learning, whilst earning and have no debt!

Apprenticeships generally fall into the following categories:

- Intermediate level apprenticeship

- Advanced level apprenticeship

- Higher apprenticeship

What does my child need to do an apprenticeship?

In order to qualify to apply for an apprenticeship, you need to have the following:

- You have to be 16 years old

- Entry requirements vary, but you may require up to five GCSE’s at grade A* to C

- Show an ability to complete the programme - what’s required varies across training providers, employers and job roles

Why do an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship trains you for a specific job, whether that’s office, admin & secretarial, digital marketing, construction, customer service, accounting and much more. There are over 280 types of apprenticeship and over 1,500 job roles available. Therefore, it’s worth your child finding out as much as they can about the job they are applying for, as well as the career and the progression route the apprenticeship could lead to. Overall, your child will be gaining good job and training experience, which will support them when applying for future jobs.

All apprenticeships receive the national minimum wage, paid holiday and bank holidays whilst they’re training, which is always a bonus! Learning is completed on a day-release basis, one day a week or in a block-release of several days at a college or training provider. This enables you to develop the knowledge and skills you need, while the employer provides the practical experience to put those skills to the test.

What does my child’s future look like after completing an apprenticeship?

According to government research, the majority of apprentices (85%) stay in employment, with 64% staying with the same employer after they’ve completed their apprenticeship. A third of apprentices receive a promotion within a year of finishing and in their lifetime can earn £150,000 more than their peers without an apprenticeship.

After completing an apprenticeship, your child could continue to train for an advanced, higher or degree level apprenticeship, or a related vocational qualification. An apprenticeship is a guaranteed way to a successful career.

Starting Off can help your child get on the right track in finding an apprenticeship programme that suits them. Your child's future doesn’t have to be limited to two options. There are a world of possibilities available and now is the time to start discovering what’s available to them after completing GCSEs.

To find out about apprenticeships at Starting Off or to view current jobs available, visit or you can call the Northampton office on 01604 622855 or the Kettering office on 01536 417373.