Could asset finance work for your business?

Businesses in Northamptonshire looking for funding for new equipment and vehicles are benefiting from a service provided by Arkle Finance in Wellingborough.

Brian Jerome, Associate Director  at Arkle Finance
Brian Jerome, Associate Director at Arkle Finance

The company, which is a subsidiary of Weatherbys Bank, works with small businesses and helps them to grow through providing the finance they need to purchase or lease new machinery or equipment.

Brian Jerome, Associate Director at Arkle Finance, explains: “We support all business types with their capital equipment acquisitions typically between £5,000 - £500,000 and are equally comfortable assisting the smaller SME’s & sole traders as we are mid to large sized corporates. We help businesses that are looking for an alternative to traditional bank lending or are seen as too much of a risk. We listen to their plans, offer advice and mentoring and tailor the best solution to meet their financial requirements, cash-flow and budgets.

We also work with local businesses seeking to utilise a finance product to assist in the sale of the new and or used capital equipment items. Matching the Customer, to the most suitable piece of equipment for their business within an affordable and manageable financial parameters is one of Arkle’s aims and in our experience encourages repeat profitable business for both the customer and the vendor.”

Brian heads up an expanding business development team at Arkle Finance. Alongside their general business acumen each member has a specialist business area which includes commercial fleet, marine and boats, light aviation and a soon-to-be-added forestry specialism. The team is also backed by six underwriters who can offer further advice and help to structure the deals.

When looking at a deal for its clients, Arkle Finance stipulates three conditions. The equipment they are seeking investment for must do one or more of the following:

- Generate revenue

- Save on costs

- Be fundamental to the running of the business

Despite only having been at Arkle Finance for the last 16 months, Brian has more than 30 years of experience in asset finance, having worked for businesses big and small including Barclays and GE Capital and three small start-up companies.

“Having worked with many businesses over the course of my career, I know how they work and what is important to them,” adds Brian. “We don’t just judge a growth plan or proposal by looking at a credit rating, we believe in their ventures and share the risk. We look for the deals where we can add real value and help.

“We firmly believe that there is always a person at the heart of every transaction. We can help them with the right products and solutions at the right time for their business. Relationships matter.”

Another relationship that is important to Arkle Finance is that to its parent company Weatherbys Bank.

“Arkle Finance was created 21 years ago but holds the values and virtues of Weatherbys, which was established in 1770,” says Brian. “We’re invested in looking after that heritage and genuinely looking after our customers.

“We have grown at a rate of 25% year on year for the last five years and want to grow further. We currently have a portfolio of £100 million and want to double this in the next five years through building more relationships and supporting more small businesses on their own growth journeys.”

For more information about Arkle Finance, call 01933 304899 or visit