Avon encourages people of Northampton to take a Breast Break

Research suggests women are more likely to do online shopping, housework and socialise than check their breasts for signs of cancer...

This breast cancer awareness month (BCAM), Avon is encouraging the people of Northampton to take a #BreastBreak in a bid to shine a light on the importance of breast health.

New research from the beauty giant has revealed that 86% of women admitted they understand the importance of breast cancer self-checks, yet only 44% check their boobs for signs of cancer once a month or more*.

While the women questioned admitted to spending an average of 55 minutes on social media every day, more than two hours watching TV, and at least 10 minutes applying makeup, less than half allocated time each month for checking their breasts. The most common reason for not checking was simply not thinking about it.

Throughout October, Avon is encouraging its employees in Northampton and Corby to take a #BreastBreak of their own. Making the time to ‘know their normal’ can reduce the risk of a late diagnosis of breast cancer. Avon will be equipping its employees – and Representatives in Northamptonshire and across the UK – with the information they need to know the signs, symptoms and where to go for support by working closely with its charity partner, CoppaFeel!.

By sharing this important message, Avon hopes to start a potentially life-saving conversation about regular self-checks, being aware of any changes in breast appearance, and making time to speak with a medical professional.

Sue Saunders, Finance Director at Avon, was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2018. Sue is returning to work at Avon this month following a mastectomy, breast reconstruction and chemotherapy, and her treatment is ongoing.

“I was regularly checking my boobs, having had a history of breast cancer in the family and being aware of the importance of doing so thanks the work done to raise awareness here at Avon. Fortunately, this meant that when I found a lump it was still in the early stages and therefore treatable. I may not be here today if I wasn’t checking.

“It’s so important to make the time to check your boobs, and pecs. Checking only takes a couple of minutes in the shower or in bed, it’s just about getting into the habit. And it’s not about checking for cancer, it’s about knowing what normal feels like for you, so that you can recognise any changes and get it checked out.”

During BCAM, Avon will be raising funds and awareness in its Northampton and Corby offices with a series of events including an educational talk from CoppaFeel!, a company-wide ‘boob-brunch’ fundraiser and decorating the building pink to remind everyone to take a #BreastBreak.

Avon is also supporting its breast cancer awareness charity partner CoppaFeel! with a dazzling new ‘Boob Clutch Bag’. Available to buy from 20th September for only £10, 50% of sales of the bag will be donated directly to CoppaFeel! to help fund awareness materials, services and campaigns.