New travel firm launches at Hannington near Northampton with exciting luxury tours

Avventura Travels opens its doors for business today. The company aims to provide incredible small group luxury adventures in places which aren’t always on the main tourist trail. It will launch with itineraries to Colombia, Costa Rica, Southern Africa and Vietnam/Cambodia.

The business has been founded by CEO Richard Hadfield whose experience in the industry has seen him hold senior positions at top name travel brands including Abercrombie & Kent and Thomas Cook.

“The idea behind the business is to create spectacular experiences for up to twelve clients which are more sensitive to their needs for independence, rather than shoehorning them into tours which rush them from pillar to post,” he says. “We’ve focused on finding the most luxurious accommodation possible, be it hotels, estates, lodges or camps – something more interesting, different and boutique. We want people to feel like a tour with us is unlike anything they’ve done before. We want clients coming home feeling that their expectations were exceeded.”

“Clients today seek authenticity, adventure and luxury but with an ethical and ecological conscience,” he says, “and they don’t want everything to be formulaic. If you want to take in some genuine local culture, stay in some beautiful locations, explore rainforests, deserts or mountains and fly through the Costa Rican jungle on a zip wire or helicopter over Victoria Falls, then Avventura is your ideal travel company.”

Richard believes it’s important that itineraries are not crammed full of excursions. “We’re trying to space things out so clients can immerse in some extraordinary experiences one day, and then do their own thing the next,” he says. The company has gone to remarkable lengths to always add something extra. “When you visit somewhere extraordinary you want to be shown round by someone with real knowledge. In Costa Rica for example, we’ve enlisted a highly respected volcanologist who can really explain the awesome power of the earth beneath your feet.”

Avventura Travels will also provide a bespoke travel service for clients looking for a highly personalised itinerary. “Our overriding objectives are to provide itineraries which exactly match our clients’ wishes and provide the highest level of service in delivering travel experiences that will open the mind and create lifelong memories.”

CEO Richard Hadfield
CEO Richard Hadfield