Bluefish Office Products launches its New Catalogue

The Bluefish sales team attended the launch event of the ‘Nett Book’ at the Northamptonshire County Cricket Club. The day included workshops with Tim Beech and training sessions with leading manufacturers including Hewlett Packard, Mars and VOW Europe.

Typically catalogues within the stationery industry have inherently been led by the major wholesalers and have followed the same style and format year on year. We knew we needed something different that would take the emphasis off traditional stationery and more on the “added services” we can provide. The focus being to support our customers in changing their ordering habits from transitional to a model more engaging and supportive one.

We identified our key service areas and the reworking the entire catalogue both in terms of suppliers old and new, running order and sourcing of the products we came up with own catalogue style brief that would give our sales team a complete package to work with both their existing and new customers.

“We wanted a to move away from the traditional industry catalogue styles and create new innovative design and layout that would be both informative, inspiring, giving the customer a more ‘coffee table’ style of publication. The less cluttered approach and cleaner layout allowed us to convey all our services and key categories including Managed Print Services, Office Machines & Technology, Branded Print & Workwear, Furniture, Washroom & Breakroom and Traditional office products.”

“We want to be able to support our customers on a diverse range of products and services – not just traditional stationery products. The ultimate goal is to save our customers time, money and space whilst looking after their total business requirements”.

The new publication reinforces Bluefish’s strategy to offer their customers industry leading products, services and value. Aside from their traditional core business, Bluefish have now evolved their offering into six distinct categories as depicted on the front cover of the catalogue.

Bluefish are positioning their business as a real partner to their customer base. “In this challenging climate, we are able to support our customers on a diverse range of products and services, which allow our customers to concentrate on their core business. Our ultimate goal is to save our customers time, money and space whilst looking after their total requirements.

“Having identified our key strengths and values we are keen to build on these.”


All of our customers benefit from us having our own fleet of vans – ‘no kerbside drops’ as well as 65,000sq ft. of warehousing space packed full with over 4,500 stock lines.

Attention to detail

The little things really do matter’ and because we’re proudly independent, every single member of the Bluefish team is personally invested in ensuring that each stage of our customers’ experience is outstanding.

Personal service

As much as our customers benefit from the economies of scale delivered by a group which services the heart of the country, they also benefit from the fact that we remain local to them

Accessible expertise

Our 90-strong team has accrued an awful lot of expertise in nearly 20 years of helping our customers, expertise that we use every day to help make our customers lives easier.

The event was supported by key suppliers such as Hewlett Packard, Mars drinks, TC Group and VOW Europe, with a series of informative workshops with new and innovative products that are featured in the new catalogue. Further training will be taking place with our supplier partners throughout the year, ensuring our team are empowered to offer our customers the very best advice and support. Feedback from the day has been very positive and seen as a great success by all those who attended.

Call or ask your account manager for your copy of the new catalogue on 01604 706000.