“Chance favours only the mind that is prepared...”

“The key to success is understanding and considering all available options, being prepared and taking positive action to unlock the opportunities which Brexit may bring; not only in the coming months but beyond.”

Regions and cities across the UK have thrived by founding industries producing goods and services across diverse sectors for centuries. Lancashire in the North is famous for cotton, Yorkshire for wool and textiles, Walsall as saddle makers, the hatters of Luton and of course Northampton, renowned as a major centre for shoe making and other leather industries.

The service offering of businesses based in Northampton and across the UK has changed and evolved over time with mechanisation, advancements in IT, cheaper imports, global transport connectivity and how we respond to changes in international trade. Hence, enhanced productivity, being ready and able to respond to changes in supply and demand, customer focus and anticipating the future trends that will impact your company are key to sustaining and growing a business of any scale.

If you are a business that buys or sells goods overseas, transports, distributes or provides the associated financial services on behalf of others, you will know that navigating the waters of international trade can be challenging and complex in today’s global trade landscape.

The advent of Brexit and the proposed transitional period, has been shrouded in ever increasing degrees of confusion and uncertainty within the customs trade environment. Already complex rules and procedures relating to how companies and individuals import, and export goods are set to become more uncertain over the coming months. The key to success is understanding and considering all available options, being prepared and taking positive action to unlock the opportunities which Brexit may bring; not only in the coming months but beyond.

The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union and the legislative changes of the new Union Customs Code should be on the mind of every business. The benefits of understanding and utilising the existing customs regimes – which if implemented even now in the right and correct circumstances - can be of real and immediate value and more importantly assist in providing potential solutions for Brexit.

MHA MacIntyre Hudson already offers relevant customs and excise duty solutions that may help a business identify streamlining solutions and business efficiencies, but in response to the evolving customs trade landscape, MHA MacIntyre Hudson has expanded its Customs and Excise Duty service offering and recruited Lucy Sutcliffe to the firm. Prior to joining MHA, Lucy held a senior customs strategy role within HM Revenue & Customs.

MHA MacIntyre Hudson is uniquely and expertly placed to assist businesses on customs and excise areas such as:

- Import and export procedures and international trade.

- Customs Special Procedures (also known as Customs Procedures with an Economic Impact) such as Inward and Outward Processing, Customs Warehousing and Temporary Admission.

- Authorised Economic Operator Status; whether this regime offers a tangible benefit and can provide a solution to the need for frictionless movement not just in the European Union but further afield.

- Guidance on the correct classification of goods; within the current harmonised customs Tariff (including the preference system) and any subsequent changes resulting from the outcome of Brexit negotiations.

- Guidance on the application of the correct Customs Valuation methods.

- Advice on excise duties to importers, exporters, local brewers, distillers and wholesalers.

In the words of Louis Pasteur “Chance favours only the mind that is prepared”. We are making it our priority to offer services which provide a level of reassurance by removing some of the uncertainty in dealing with the current unknown and unresolved. By recruiting Lucy from HMRC we can provide our clients with a unique level of insight and advice ensuring they are in the best possible hands to position their business to maximise opportunities which lay over the horizon. Whatever your question – large or small - we welcome the opportunity to discuss your individual requirements and provide bespoke advice to match the needs of you and your business in the short, medium and long term.

Lucy Sutcliffe, Senior Customs Duty Manager, Tel: 01604 624011, Email: lucy.sutcliffe@mhllp.co.uk