Changing businesses for the better

Hiles International Consultants are turning uncertainty into opportunity.

There’s no denying that the manufacturing industry in the UK is facing a time of unprecedented challenges, with most firms ending 2017 preparing for more risky times ahead, unable to see the opportunities on the horizon. Hiles International Consultants (HIC) believe this is exactly the environment required for the lasting change to take place.

HIC was founded in 2017 by John Hiles, ex-CEO of Pioneer Foods UK, and builds on the successful projects he engineered whilst at the firm. Such operations included a factory move which increased warehouse space three-fold while still maintaining a 97% delivery of goods on time and in full.

At Hiles International John and his partners are striving to create solutions and manage change projects that will create genuine growth for businesses through this period of exceptional change. Many clients will have multi-layered issues or simply a raft of business objectives that they seem unable to reach within their existing structures.

HIC offers a discrete five-day measurement and analysis phase conducted by two members of the HIC team, to be followed by their formal recommendations and commitments.

HIC believes that the greatest opportunities lie in systems that make operations less reliant on experience and by bringing in automation which transforms the processes, not only as a means for covering labour gaps.

Case Study - Reducing process waste by 20%

The Challenge

Fully automated, state of the art facility was wasting over a ton of product on each start-up procedure.

The Solution

Gather knowledge from experienced operatives across the business to create setting sheets for new starters to use when setting up the production line.

The Result

Reduced process waste by 20% and achieved a consistent 99% right-first-time record after only one month of using the setting sheets.

What does HIC offer?

Due to their broad-based experience Hiles International Consultants offer a raft of solutions across the whole food manufacturing industry, with the following services being incorporated most regularly:

- Process optimization

- Interim management

- Line commissioning

- Rapid improvement drives

- KPI tracking and display

- Technical standardization

- Business approach coaching

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