Football stadium thankful for IT excellence in time of need

CMC Communications are long term partners of MK Dons Football Club, but this year their ‘Official Club Technology Partner’ status was greatly put into practice.

The club faced alarming cyber security challenges earlier this year and turned to long standing IT partner CMC Communications in their time of need. CMC were quick to offer their expert advice and service. Furthering their flourishing partnership.

MK Dons Director, John Cove spoke incredibly fondly of CMC saying: “When you enter into a partnership, you do so to ensure the robustness of a business critical service such as IT. It’s a decision you don’t take lightly. You need to be assured of a diligent, thorough and solution-focussed partner. I’m delighted to say that, in CMC, we found all of those qualities and many more.”

CMC promote the pros of deciding to outsource your business IT needs. Based in Milton Keynes CMC have a large team of engineers and a wealth of technical know-how on tap, ready to support businesses, quickly, when you

need it most. c

Outsourcing IT is a cost-effective way of ensuring your business runs smoothly, even when the unexpected happens.

Sales Director of CMC Communications, Phil Glenister said: “CMC can act as your outsourced IT support team, providing back-up, disaster recovery and rapid response to day-to-day technical issues, both remotely or onsite. We will help you to implement and maintain the right infrastructure for your business now, and as it grows.”

CMC also offer business wide technology solutions, such as; Telephony, Mobile Telephony and Ultra-Fast Gigabit speed Internet - although CMC pride themselves in being ‘IT at the heart’.

Glenister further commented: “We’re most definitely an IT company that does telecoms, not a telecoms company that does IT. Although, we’re proud to be able to offer local businesses the full communications package.”

Managing Director of CMC Communications, Simon Wright said: “What happens when you lose your internet connection? or your field staff can’t connect to your database? or your IT manager is on annual leave? If you can’t answer these questions then outsourcing your IT is most definitely a sensible option for your business. When the worst happens and the pressure is on, we will never let you down.”

As part of their continued efforts to demonstrate commitment in supporting local businesses, CMC now offer a free IT health check. The free IT health check has been developed to provide a full risk assessment and understanding of the core elements to your IT infrastructure. The red, amber and green report will allow CMC technicians to easily highlight any risks or vulnerabilities within your network. The 20 sections include: anti-virus, boundary firewalls, backups and possible threats from malicious software or ransomware attacks.

Get in touch with CMC Communications today to get more information on how you can outsource your IT Support or visit to book an appointment for your free health check.