Creating a better brand together

From their studios, based in Fox Milne, Milton Keynes, the team over at Cygnus are true believers that in order to create the best work for their clients, they need to be their best selves every day. That’s why they’ve created a culture where ideas flow freely in a collaborative environment.

“We stay curious and open minded with every challenge, pushing creative boundaries, thinking progressively and differently – it’s all in a day’s work” says Managing Director Martin Carmody.

There is a strong focus on building relationships and firm partnerships, sharing know-how, creative ideas and insights. For Cygnus, collaboration is key; it’s how they work as a team on creative briefs, but it’s also how they partner with clients.

The Cygnus team of over 50, see themselves as an extension of their client partners and by forming close bonds they can really get under the skin of a brand, understand its challenges and ultimately it’s goals and objectives.

Working with brands and businesses big and small, across a vast spectrum of sectors, their broad cross-industry experiences and knowledge give them an advantage when it comes to finding the best ways to communicate to their clients target audiences and customers.

“We look at each creative challenge with a fresh pair of eyes, every time. We don’t fit things into pre-determined processes, we create bespoke teams around each project for you” continued Managing Director Martin Carmody.

Creating something that’s yours

Cygnus have shaped their agency to create the right blend of expertise in-house to think broadly about a brands needs and the steps needed to take it in the right direction to get it seen and heard.

The team believe in creating something own-able for their clients business and their brand, something unique that sets them apart from competitors.

“Taking every brief individually, we look to see where we can surprise and delight! It might be an original set of illustrations that tell your brand story, a photoshoot or film totally tailored for you, copywriting that gives you a voice like no other or a social media campaign animated to capture your audience’s attention. Creativity is at the heart of everything we do, it gets us out of bed in the morning and drives us to take our clients brands to the next level” explains Creative Director Jamie Rayner.

In it together every step of the way

As a full service creative and digital design agency, Cygnus work with organisations from all walks of life, of all sizes and across a vast range of industries. Some based close by (in fact round the corner or across the road), others elsewhere in Milton Keynes and then there are those that are further afield and international, but one thing never changes and that is their commitment to helping their clients grow and establishing the best strategy for their brand.

“We’ll encourage you to be brave (there is no future for ‘me too’ brands), think differently, believe in your convictions and follow your own path. We’ll help guide the way” Jamie Rayner.

Coming up – over the following months, look out for more Cygnus features, focusing on projects they have undertaken for a diverse range of clients, giving you real insight and hopefully inspiring ideas on how they might add value, and help you get your brand seen and heard.

Martin Carmody, Managing Director at Cygnus
Martin Carmody, Managing Director at Cygnus

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