Working in collaboration with The Hearing Care Partnership to offer free hearing checks

We all know how heavily we rely on our eyesight for enhancing quality of life, but we think hearing is just as important. At Davis Optometrists, we work in collaboration with The Hearing Care Partnership to offer a free hearing check to all new and existing patients over the age of 18.

A hearing check will establish the overall health of your ears, will tell you whether any loss of hearing is present. Testing, advice and, if appropriate, a demonstration of a hearing system is free and without any obligation.

Changes to hearing often happen gradually, over a long period of time and can occur in people of any age. You may notice any of the following signs, in yourself or others;

Conversation is sometimes difficult in noisy environments

You turn the television up louder than other people

People often seem to mumble, and you need to ask them to repeat things

If any further action is required following your free hearing health check, we will advise you to book a free additional consultation with one of our Audiologists to fully investigate. Arranging an appointment is easy, visit for more information and to find details of your local branch.

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