Detail is everything

If you do what you love, you will never have to work a day in your life. But it takes hard work, determination and a love for what you do to start your own business. That was the case for one man who turned his hobby into a business that offers something completely different…

Dark Matter Details is a Vehicle Enhancement and Protection Studio based in Milton Keynes. They specialise in safe professional car care services and are 100% committed in providing their clients with outstanding service, restoring vehicles to a 'better-than-showroom' condition and helping clients fall back in love with their cars again, all from their clean, modern and state-of-the-art studio.

Jason Durbidge, Managing Director of DMD is the only qualified Master Detailer from the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) in the region. His working background has been heavily focused in customer service, from being a Case Manager in the Automotive Industry for companies such as Volkswagen Head Office, to being a Project Coordinator for a very large publication company. But alongside his working career, his hobby has been dedicated to detailing cars.

“My biggest passion has always been in detailing, and with my background in the Motor Industry, it made sense for me to take my passion further and turn it into a business” commented Jason. “I was annoyed at the defects and scratches in my vehicles, so I decided to research and learn the detailing trade for well over a decade now. Friends and family started to ask me to do their cars and it just grew organically with popularity over the years. It was a hobby that I did for free and through the pure joy of doing it and was born out of huge love and passion for detailing and the lack of alternatives for such services in MK. I followed this up with the recognised 'Quality Assured' training and Master Detailer qualification from the IMI”

He approached Virgin Start Up, a government backed scheme which provides business mentors, support and funding, to help him start his business. From researching and being inspired by other detailers in the country from YouTube videos, to applying for funding and finally establishing himself as a business, it’s been a 12 month timeline from where he started to where he’s ended up.

“I wanted to do something about it before I was 40, so starting my own detailing business was the only new years resolution I ever kept. 2017 would be the year I start up, and I’ve done exactly that. I wanted to provide a safe clean environment, work on someones car as long as necessary and provide a really good customer service, which I believe is paramount.”

Born and bred in Milton Keynes, it made sense for Jason to build his business in the city built for the car. Jason decided to go straight down the detailing route which is an incredibly niche but ever-growing industry. Jason’s aim is to inform and advise those who are not aware of what detailing is, through a consultative approach, how it can benefit them and that any car is suitable for a detail, whether new or old. Detailing is not just exclusively for high-end or luxury cars.

So what is detailing?

Detailing is the safe wash method and decontamination of road grime, iron fall-out and salt residues, thorough and meticulous cleansing of a vehicle followed by paint correction via machine polishing to rectify as many defects as possible; such as swirls, light/medium scratches, bird lime, paint dullness and factory imperfections following improper wash methods caused by using the old-fashioned bucket, sponge and brush method or the harsh chemicals used by hand wash sites.

Like skin, we want to use the softest products that won’t damage our skin; same rules apply to a cars delicate paintwork. You won’t get the same level of service at your local hand wash site, as they rely completely on quantity, not quality, which suits a lot of people when looking for a quick service. But if you’re looking to really take care of your vehicle for the longer term, DMD can help you look after yours in the safest manner.

DMD offers a free Swissvax Wax on every detailing service, or customers can choose to upgrade to a more durable, ceramic coating which is swirl resistant and has a 5 year guarantee. DMD believe it’s really important that the right aftercare is given to the vehicle in order to keep the quality of the detailing lasting as long as possible.

“As an additional service, whilst I offer an aftercare service, I can also offer an aftercare training service” commented Jason. “I can personally train and demonstrate to the customer on how to carry out their own aftercare on the car following their detail, to ensure their car keeps that 'better-than-showroom shine' and as defect free as possible. I believe it’s a great way of building a knowledgeable detailing community and communicating with the customer on a personal level.”

Be inspired like Jason. If you’re looking to give your vehicle, or a fleet of vehicles a whole new look in 2018, get your car detailed with Dark Matter Details.

For more information, visit the website by clicking below or call Jason today on 01908569062.

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