Cruises are riding on the crest of a wave

Once seen as something for the older generation, cruises have grown in popularity over the years.

Reasons for this include that you can get to see multiple destinations in one holiday – making it really cost effective – and that ships have changed so much in recent years and are more like floating resorts with their own swimming pools, night clubs, cinemas and kids clubs all on board.

You can also experience West End style shows, a variety of bars and restaurants as well as relaxing activities like spas and sunbathing.

All Things Business spoke to Rob Gower of Dragonfly Traveller for his top cruise ship suggestions…

Celebrity Edge

Launched in December 2018, this cruise ship has been designed to ‘seamlessly blend inside and outside living spaces’ and has already won awards.

There is a Grand Plaza, which spans three decks at the heart of the ship, and a Rooftop Garden which offers everything from live concerts to dinner and movies under the stars. Guests can also take a peek at the Galley, the Bridge, and the Engine Control Room.

The ship also contains it very own ‘Magic Carpet’ – the world’s first suspended platform, floating 13 storeys above sea level which gives fantastic views of the horizon and ocean.

With regards to actual cruises, you can sail on the Celebrity Edge and visit 49 ports over two continents from April to October, taking in the Caribbean or Cayman Islands. Or, if you are planning to get away during the cooler months of the UK (November through to March) you can cruise to the ancient cities of Rome and Greece and see the idyllic beaches of the Mediterranean.

Scarlet Lady

In September 2020, Virgin are launching their new, Scarlet Lady cruise liner. This 278-metre ship can hold 2860 passengers across 17 decks. It claims to offer ‘a new concept in ocean cruising’ that brings together everything from our favourite places on land with the excitement of the open ocean. You won’t find a traditional buffet on board, instead there will be an expansive array of restaurants ranging from haute cuisine to casual fare, all made to order with no specialty dining fees.

The Scarlet Lady has an ocean-inspired, well-being ethos too. It’s ‘Vitamin Sea’ ideology is inspired by the health and well-being of our planet and there is a ban on single-use plastics and complimentary group fitness classes. The Lady Scarlet also offers the very first tattoo studio at sea!

River cruises

If you are not sure if cruising is for you, you could consider a river cruise.

When it comes to choosing which river cruise to embark on, there are plenty of options to choose from. You could cruise in France down the Seine, Rhone, Dordogne and Garonne, or choose Germany and the Elbe and Rhine rivers. The Rhine also flows through The Netherlands, France and Switzerland, meaning you can embark on a journey from Amsterdam to Budapest! In Italy, cruise down the Po, or choose the Douro in Portugal or even the Volga in Russia!

For something really special, try a river cruise in Asia. This is a fantastic way to experience the unfamiliar landscapes, exotic food and music that Asia has to offer. The Mekong flows through Cambodia and Vietnam, whereas the Irrawaddy takes you

through Burma.

Rob Gower - Dragonfly Traveller
Rob Gower - Dragonfly Traveller

Rob Gower of Dragonfly Traveller works as a travel PA, building bespoke holidays and trips for customers. Call 01604 661100 or visit to find out more.