Know your EBITDA from your elbow, top tips to get your business investment-ready in 2018

Whether you have a business idea, are starting or scaling up your business for rapid growth, equity investment can be a viable source of funding.

We asked the professionals presenting at Velocity Growth Hub’s Investment Masterclass for their top tips to get your business investment-ready in 2018.

Laurence Whitehead, MD, MHA MacIntyre Hudson.

“Investors won’t leave a stone unturned when assessing your business and neither should you. Plan well in advance. Be clear about your vision and your growth strategy so that management, employees – and investors – can buy into it. Understand what you must change to achieve your vision.”

Rebecca Hughes, partner, MHA MacIntyre Hudson.

“Understand your financial position, particularly the indicators that investors will use to assess underlying business health. Plan for unexpected events by developing ‘what if’ scenarios in your financial projections.”

Kirsty Simmonds, associate, EMW Law.

“Confirm that the position at Companies House and your statutory books is indeed the reality. Do due diligence on your investors.”

Alan Wilson, CEO Expandly Ltd.

“Get your business fundamentals right and inspire people to believe in your dreams. Focus on revenues, get a good lawyer and get yourself on to Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes and Enterprise Investment Schemes.”

Steve Martin, syndicate chair, Minerva Business Angel Network.

“Business angels want to see energy, ambition, focus and direction. They don’t want surprises. Keep things simple - complexity raises issues. If you get into a verbal fight with an investor, you lose.”

Lewis Stringer, senior relationship manager, British Business Bank.

“Think carefully about your role in growing the business and how to build a winning team. Think about how you can better be ‘investor worthy’.”

Steve Chown, entrepreneur development manager, NatWest.

“You don’t have long to make an impression with investors. Make sure your pitch defines the problem, who experiences the pain and how your solution deals with it in a new way.”

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