Spa Review - Fawsley Hall Hotel & Spa

It’s not every day you get to spend the day at the spa to get completely treated and unwind. Well, not for me anyways! So coming to Fawsley Hall Hotel and Spa for their Selection Spa Day package was a new experience and a special occasion for me, as this would in fact, be my first ever Spa Day! I was excited to spend the afternoon with my Mum after hearing lots of positive reviews from friends about Fawsley Hall and I was expecting to come away feeling totally refreshed and relaxed…

It was a leisurely drive through the countryside to get to Fawsley Hall. Once we arrived, we were spoilt with plenty of parking spaces and we made our way to the main hotel reception. It was unclear upon arrival where our spa lunch was, but we asked a member of staff and were escorted to the main hotel bar area where all the spa lunches are served.

Once we were sat down, the waiter began by asking us if we would like any water, which he proceeded to pour. My starter was an onion soup, with a main of a pesto couscous with goats cheese which was delicious! However, don’t expect to have a lot of food and be full afterwards, as it’s only a light bite, but really tasty!

We made our way to the Spa which was literally around the corner from the hotel. As soon as we entered, we instantly noticed a different atmosphere; laid back, peaceful and relaxing, not saying that where we ate lunch was not relaxing, but this was exactly how I imagined a spa break to be. We were greeted by the bubbly spa receptionist, Sian, who was extremely accommodating and gave us a tour around the spa, showed us the facilities and where we could grab any refreshments and were given a sheet to complete out about our spa treatments.

Sian is a real asset to the team there at the Spa, she made us feel so welcome and happy. We were given our robes and towels and made our way into the changing rooms, which were clean and had everything we could need, including lockers.

The spa is surrounded by the most beautiful views which made you feel like you were on a vacation in the middle of the Swiss Alps. There was plenty of comfy chairs inside and outside for us to sit down, a huge heated pool to do some leisurely laps in, a sauna and steam room which I took full use of, an upstairs quiet area for those wanting complete peace and quiet and my favourite attraction; the outside jacuzzi.

I’ve never felt so relaxed sitting in the jacuzzi, champagne in hand in the sunshine. It’s an occasion I believe everyone should experience at least once in their life.

I felt there was plenty of time between finishing our spa lunch for us to do our own thing and to spend enough time using the facilities before we were called for our spa treatments. As we went for the Selection Spa Day Package, we got the choice of 6 treatments, two of which we were told were their most popular treatments. Both myself and my Mum went for the shoulder, neck and back massage and whilst my mum chose to have the shape and Polish for her fingers, I went for the Express Facial.

I really appreciated the fact that you had one spa specialist for both treatments, instead of having two different ones for both treatments; this meant for me, I was able to stay in the same room. My spa specialist was very informative in explaining what she was going to do, left me to get changed in my own time and spoke in a soft tone, which made me feel even more at peace.

Overall, a fantastic afternoon, at a location where I could have really been anywhere in the country, or Europe for that matter. Hidden away in the countryside between Badby and Woodford Halse, a one hour drive from Corby or a 25 minute drive from Towcester is Fawsley Hall...I’ll definitely be returning back to the Spa - I feel like I could get used to the pampered life!