Have you looked at solar energy before but decided against it?

Think again! Think you have exhausted all cost saving options? Have you done enough to reduce building energy overheads? Fronius Renewable Energy Solutions discuss how you can reduce them even further and protect your organisation from future price hikes for years to come. It’s not surprising that energy costs are a significant portion of an organisation’s overheads. Workstations, machinery, lighting, air conditioning, EV charging, the list of energy hungry appliances is exhaustive, but despite the development of more efficient technologies, we continue to encounter constant energy price increases and the emergence of new electricity-reliant innovations. Facility/energy managers are already on the case when it comes to renegotiating contracts and switching energy providers, or at least they should be. But it is possible to significantly reduce the business’ electricity costs much further, whilst also protecting it from rising energy costs.

Fronius is a global technology leader in the field of photovoltaics. The company manufactures all its products in Austria, where the business was founded some 75 years ago. The forward thinking business has a vision of a world which is 100% powered by renewables. Installing Solar PV allows you to achieve immediate savings by producing your own green electricity, but with a considerable initial investment required and payback period that could take years, this has often led to companies considering the investment, but putting it off or deciding against it entirely. This is where leading solar inverter manufacturer, Fronius, has a solution. With its short and unique leasing model, it is possible to achieve huge savings from day one, with zero upfront investment. Unlike Power Purchase Agreements, this model simply allows you to lease the equipment required to generate your own green electricity over a 15 year period, with the option of ownership thereafter. No, it’s not too good to be true and even better, they’re based in Milton Keynes! You can make an appointment to visit a member of the Fronius team to discuss your requirements. Its MK 3800sqm state-of-the-art facility houses a warehouse, technical support centre, repair centre, customer display area and modern offices.

Specialising in the highly efficient and intelligent conversion and control of energy for over 70 years, Fronius has partnered with some of the UK’s biggest brands to deliver financial savings, carbon reductions and energy independence. Beate Ruebig, Managing Director of Fronius UK comments, “We recognised that the upfront cost associated with a Solar PV installation was prohibiting companies from achieving enormous savings with the technology. So we wanted to open up the opportunity to businesses so they can produce their own green electricity and this spurred the creation of our unique lease offering that offers customers savings from day one and greatly reduces their carbon footprint.”

Throughout the duration of the lease, the monthly fixed payments will be lower than the cost of that same electricity if purchased from the energy supplier at today’s rate KWh for kWh. This enables you to make huge savings from the outset and protects you against increasing energy prices for years into the future. Furthermore – there is a production guarantee for the duration of the contract. This means that if the system produces less than guaranteed, a reimbursement will be issued for the underperformance – a risk-free arrangement. Gone are the days of feed-in tariffs where the aim was to send as much electricity back to the grid as possible in exchange for a nice sum. Instead, the system should be sized to generate as precisely as possible the amount of electricity required to run the building within peak hours during the day. There are no ongoing maintenance costs, this is all included. You won’t need to worry about maintenance or insurance of the system throughout the duration of the lease. It really is a win-win. Please note, the lease does not replace your electricity bill completely. Although the system is optimally sized for your building’s consumption, electricity required above that generated, or used in non-daylight hours will still be taken from the national grid and billed via the energy supplier. The message here is clear: Don’t miss out on the benefits of solar energy for your organisation because investment priorities lie elsewhere right now.

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