Three ingredients for success, as Kettering firm wins national award

It’s been a good year for Kettering-based Grosvenor Leasing.

The contract hire and fleet management specialist recently won the accolade of ‘Leasing Company of the Year ‘(less than 25,000 vehicles) at this year’s BusinessCar awards, and the company is enjoying year on year growth.

The award was presented to Shaun Barritt, Grosvenor Group CEO, at a gala dinner in London and it’s the second year in succession that Grosvenor has triumphed in the BusinessCar awards - last year winning the award for Best Green Solution and a BusinessCar techie for Best Fleet Management System.

“We’re delighted to have won this important award,” said Shaun Barritt. “It reflects the many years of investment in our people, systems and services and, as a result, we are attracting an increasing number of very high profile clients who enjoy the national capability we can offer, delivered with a personal approach from long-serving staff who deal with customers on first name terms.”

Established in Northamptonshire in 1981, The Grosvenor Group is one of the region’s real success stories.

Encompassing its corporate leasing, fleet management and rental businesses, Grosvenor Leasing and Interactive Fleet Management, plus retail operations York Ward and Rowlatt and Croyland Car Megastore, the company has been a major employer in Northamptonshire for almost 40 years.

Well-known brands such as Weetabix, 2 Sisters Food Group, Harrods Aviation, Tata Steel and Glenmorangie Whisky all have their company vehicles funded and managed through Grosvenor, and the company prides itself on three key ingredients that make its offering unique in the fleet sector.


0Zone is the Grosvenor Group’s award-winning solution to help companies navigate their way smoothly towards ultra-low emission and electric vehicles.

It offers companies with cars and light commercial vehicles an assessment of its environmental impact and defines a clear pathway to convert the fleet, over time, towards ultra-low emission and electric vehicles.

“The 0Zone team offers advice in reaching timely decisions about when your green strategy should begin,” explains Mark Gallagher, who heads up the green solution.

“This includes tailored budgeting, forecasts and help with the financial implications of choosing EVs and ULEVs. We also develop low emission vehicle policies and provide practical advice on the steps required to move smoothly towards electric vehicles (EVs) and Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs).”

The 0Zone team also assists with plug-in and hybrid demonstration vehicles (subject to availability), the cultural change involved in encouraging drivers into a new era of company vehicle, green fleet reviews, and grey fleet reviews.

Panel of experts

For key issues such as compliance, CO2, taxation, legal, technical, policy, health and safety and many others, the Grosvenor Group’s expert panel is just a phone call, email or LinkedIn message away from answering any question a customer may have.

As another industry-first, Grosvenor put its panel of experts together having recognised that the level of professional advice required by its clients was growing.

“We have always had expertise in the business and have also always been here for our customers to give them advice and support,” said Mary Dopson-Taylor, customer services director, who sits on the panel.

“However, the complexity of operating a vehicle fleet is growing and we decided that it would be advantageous for customers to have access to a dedicated panel, offering greater clarity of who to speak to regarding each topic.

“Similar to law firms, who have partners and solicitors with particular skill sets, we believed the same was needed in fleet, which is why we based our panel on the law firm model with pen portraits of each of our experts on our website.”


In-house software development began at Grosvenor back in 2009 when the Group foresaw that technology would play an ever-pivotal role in contract hire and fleet management.

It brought development in-house having anticipated the need for greater integration of fleet management software into its proposition, and not having to rely on off the shelf standard industry programmes.

As a result, OSCAR was born – the Grosvenor Group’s very own online fleet management platform which won the Best Fleet Management System category in the 2018 BusinessCar techie awards.

Today’s version, called OSCAR365, offers a whole new experience for customers, making it quick and simple to see key information across their vehicle fleet in an easy-view format.

Offering what many believe is the most sophisticated suite of fleet technology available in the fleet sector, the Grosvenor Group’s ongoing investment and in-house development are producing industry-leading systems and apps that are complimentary to all fleet management customers.

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