Property Services

“Few would doubt that property’s key to almost every type of business. We get that, which is why we have a dedicated team of Chartered Surveyors and property professionals on hand, able to advise and guide you and your business through what are often complex and difficult processes. At the same time, we pay particular attention to maximising the value of your property assets and minimising your occupational costs.

Making the right property decisions can be challenging and some might say requires ‘psychic powers’ to get it right. Fear not, we’re here to ensure you reach your Destination with Speed and Certainty.

We’re confident in the advice we provide as it’s based on years of experience in guiding businesses through every type of property related issue.

There’s listening and there’s ‘really’ listening - the latter’s critical to us. It ensures we glean as much information as possible about your business, which in turn ensures our advice and service delivers the very best outcome to meet both your existing and future needs.

So, whether you’re a small business on a single site, or a fast growing corporate with locations across the country, your property plays an important role in the smooth functioning of your operation. This is why our Property Service team works closely with our other service lines who are expert in, Tax Planning, Corporate Finance, VAT, SDLT and Capital Allowances, to name just a few, and as a result, we’re able to provide an overarching, ‘real world’ commercial property solution for your business.”

An accurate valuation underpins all aspects of property. As such, it’s imperative it’s given appropriate consideration to help inform astute decisions. Our accomplished team provide a wide range of valuation services based on access to market leading information tools and are well versed in dealing with all types of property spanning various sectors and geographies. Valuations can range from those of a straight forward freehold nature, to a far more complex analysis of investment property cash flows and future rental income projections.

Whether you’re a ‘would be’ property investor or a seasoned professional, our property team have the necessary tools and skills to help develop and implement a solid strategic approach to managing your investment property portfolio. With a wealth of experience in all elements and sectors of property investment, we’re able to provide valuable advice and guidance, ensuring our clients maximise returns and reduce the risks involved in building and developing an investment property portfolio.

Property and its associated costs are often the second or third largest cost to most businesses. Given this, it should demand attention to ensure the property assets are working as hard as possible for the business and that costs are scrutinised to drive greater efficiencies. We can help you with this, by utilising our ‘Property Health Check’ to identify ‘quick wins’ that generate savings or efficiencies. We also provide a fully outsourced, bespoke property management solution to take away the stress of managing property should this be preferable. We often find we can deliver quick, tangible benefits, even if our clients believe they’ve got their property management fully under control.

"Through consultation, Haines Watt’s property team helped us agree on a refined search criteria. This covered key requirements of the new site and identified office features that would best support our organisational culture, before negotiating an excellent deal on a new lease. They’ve saved us an immense amount of time and we’ve now instructed the team to manage the exit from our old lease to minimise our liabilities." - Steve Hyde, New Business Director, Push Group

Every leasehold property’s subject to various key events over the life of the lease - whether this be from an investor or a business occupier perspective. Lease expiries, rent reviews and break options present both opportunities and risks, in equal measure, which is why we advise our clients to deal with these occurrences proactively. By ensuring we’re armed with all the facts and market data we’re able to help you plan an insightful approach, in advance of the actual date to achieve a positive, meaningful outcome.

We get it’s inevitable that as a business grows and develops over time, the property required to facilitate its activities changes. In doing so, we recognise and respect that needs vary considerably. It’s why we plan accordingly and provide advice and support to assist in the acquisition of new premises and the disposal of surplus property, whether this be freehold or leasehold. With an extensive network and access to ‘up to the minute’ market information, we’re quickly able to ensure any acquisition or disposal’s managed efficiently, minimising disruption and maximising the opportunities that a relocation can often present.

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