Cyber security specialists on a mission to change SMEs perspective

In today’s fast paced business world, local businesses face many complex challenges, but few are as important or misunderstood as the risk of cybercrime in small to medium business. Local Cyber Security Specialists, Haptic Networks, are on a mission to change this perception. With news of data breaches seemingly reserved for the big players; British Airways being the most recent in UK news, with the small fortune of 230 million pounds worth of fines. Small business owners may consider themselves to be less of a target. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth and according to statistics, of those small companies suffering a breach, 31 percent said the attack caused damage to their brand, while 30 percent said it additionally caused loss of customers. Your business is just as at risk from a data breach as British Airways, and it could be a business killer. Haptic Networks partner with the Tech industry’s best known vendors to provide the very latest in commercial and education focused security solutions. Founder and Managing Director of Haptic Networks Joe Aucott explained: “We’ve been operating out of Kettering since 2006. We’re proud to deliver solutions, support customers and provide leading consultancy on all aspects of IT, infrastructure and security to our thriving customer base. While housed locally, Haptic Networks look after customers that range in size, up and down the UK, even branching as far as Dubai!

At Haptic Networks the team have built a range of services around their existing IT practices. Offering their customers a specialised security solution which will not only increase their protection, but also help them in their time of need, should a cyber attack take place - their bespoke health checks will identify a business’s weak points. Additionally, the team can deliver internal workshops to educate staff members, business wide, on the importance of cyber security and how to stay safe. More than 500,000 small firms were hit by a phishing attempt over the past two years, while others reported malware or fraudulent payment requests, said the FSB. Phishing is one of the most common ways for an SME’s to be attacked; A fraudulent attempt, usually made through email, to steal your personal information. Phishing emails usually appear to come from a well-known organisation and ask for your personal information — such as credit card number, account number or password. A unique offering from Haptic networks is a security solution which monitors your business domain and scans the dark web for your company details. The solution allows your business to access a bespoke dashboard which allows searches and scans on individual email addresses within your company, to monitor details in real time. Any breaches can then be highlighted, along with instances of compromised data; such as email addresses and passwords. This report allows Haptic Networks to work with your business, to deliver consultancy urgently in an attempt to recover any damage caused, as well as putting business plans in place to avoid such breaches in the future.

With big organisations such as LinkedIn, Paddy Power and Fitbit amongst many that have recently been attacked via phishing - it is an important area of business security that you need to have nailed down. A popular choice amongst Haptic Networks customers includes a workshop teaching how to send ‘fake’ phishing emails to staff members, identifying who is vulnerable. Joe continued: “People are often the weakest link in your business security layers and if senior managers don’t understand the nature of the threats they face, there is little chance of creating a security conscious culture throughout a company. This is where Haptic can help.” Unfortunately, your business will never reach ‘security perfection’, because it simply isn’t possible to protect your business against every single form of cybercrime, but by working with Haptic Networks, you’ll build tight defences and a security-first culture.

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