What makes this Kettering based technology firm tick?

With Christmas festivities on our doorstep, we thought we’d join the annual reflective pilgrimage through 2019 and share what were our greatest lessons, what we are most grateful for, why we love working here and what, if any, of these have yielded anything valuable, are we taking with us to 2020. After all, ‘tis the season for cocoa-warmed, heart-felt goodness. We, the people… Our greatest lessons this year “a Jedi’s strength flows from the Force.”

Position and title mean nothing - it’s what you do with your talents and for whom that matters. If the office PA lights up the room with home-baked scones and tea for everyone then, at that moment, they are more influential than anyone else on that floor. Many of you will know Sophie Malone, our Senior Account Manager, and she says that one of her greatest lessons is “Not to underestimate myself. I had terrible imposter syndrome before I came here and this year was my first year where I lost that completely. We’ve never been micromanaged here but we have fortnightly development meetings to go over our personal and business goals and that level of support and encouragement has turned me into someone I wouldn’t have recognised five years ago.” Jade, our Cloud Services Specialist, feels the value of being able to say “no” - and having the sense of occasion to know when that is appropriate to harness that power. She has cited our MD as being the driving force behind this key learning.

Now Joe might be our MD, but he is not just your average Joe - he flips the tables on the establishment and goes against the corporate stigma of suits, shiny shoes and politics - in everything he pursues.

So what does this tell us? That there’s a cool MD who does things differently? No. Joe really brings to life that it’s quite acceptable to be yourself because if you believe in your abilities and put the customer at the centre of your world, you can be a commercial success, despite conventional attitudes, whilst rocking out to wicked iTunes in your trainers before lunch.

What we’re grateful for... “Decide you must, how to serve them best.” What is notable, is that the team are a very tight unit. We value each other’s contribution to the success of this business. We know that without it, we would not have enjoyed the wins as much as we did this year. Jade says “I am so grateful for a team that understands and supports me, I may go off on weird and wonderful tangents every so often and it really helps that everyone at Haptic knows what I’m talking about (most of the time!).” What we’re most grateful for, is an awesome mentoring program. From change, comes growth - and as much as this can be a place of discomfort from the growing pains, the outcome remains the same - we grow, we learn, we prosper. Respectfully.

There have been necessary changes made to how we approach our business model, staff recruitment, an emphasis on the right kind of client engagement etc - a proper 360 on how we can do better. Thankfully, we work in an environment where individuality is encouraged, supported - and Joe is a passionate mentor to us all and encourages us to effect real change in his business (as Sophie puts it, “I’ve worked in some draconian places and Haptic is anything but”) . So yes, we’re “grateful to have a cool boss, an awesome team and the world’s greatest mascot, Frank (The Dog)”, according to Jade. When you spend most of your time at work, being happy really counts. Oh - and plastic blasters. We’re grateful for lots of Nerf guns (especially on a Monday morning when said work family just release the hounds on each other). Why we love working at Haptic “Younglings, younglings gather ’round.”

At this point of the article, it should be clear. Working at Haptic Networks is not only about earning a salary. It’s not just a job. This is family. As Greg, our Customer Service oracle, says, “I always feel like I’m a part of the team, there is always help and support when needed - if it’s to do with work or personal reasons. The team is sociable in and outside of work, sharing thoughts and ideas, going out to dinner, mini golf etc.“ A small band of nerds assembled in “Middle Earth” doing what they love and being awesome at it? Can’t ask for a better way to spend my week, actually. You don’t get this level of supremacy in other companies. So what are we taking with us to 2020? “Always pass on what you have learned.” Other than “Christmas credit card debt” (a’la Darrell), we all appear to be feeling poetic and reflective on the matter. Sophie: “For the first year in my entire career, not my diary. I’ve finally moved away from paper and become Sophie 2.0. Took me two decades but I got there in the end. Plus I’m really excited about what we can all achieve together next year”

Jade (in bullet format because she’s a busy lass):

- A new outlook on how sales work

- Hopefully Hubspot!

- A drive to create my own team

Greg: “The confidence I have built throughout 2019 will be going to 2020. Everyone helped me gain confidence in my area of work and I want to use this even more in my role at Haptic. All the training and advice given – through 2019 I perused many aspects of training, in August I also completed 40 hours of Google training which now benefits me in a great way, I want to use this training and my knowledge to help others and affect the team in a productive and helpful way.”

As a business, we are making massive strides towards understanding what makes our customers tick and drives their success, so we’ll be putting them at the forefront of what we take with us to 2020. We want more meaningful relationships where our customers are more like partners, all of them, because as much as what we care for each other in the office, that same theme underpins the dynamic we have with customers. All of us at Haptic Networks would like to wish our customers, partners and suppliers a safe and merry festive season. Please come say “Hi” during the festivities. Our doors are open to anyone who wants to take a load off when their office is quiet and join us for a game of pool, Mario Kart, Streetfighter - or even just a chat over some average quality coffee.

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