All Things Business met with Suzanne Peck of Homefield Grange

Rushton is a beautiful historic village nestled between Kettering and Corby on the A6003. As my sat nav directed me to Homefield Grange, it took me down a narrow road, which opened up to a stunning countryside setting with horses grazing in green pastures. I drove into Homefield’s car park, stepped out of my car, closed the door – and was greeted by silence.

Although the business has been in operation since 2005, I had no previous knowledge about the hidden gem that is Homefield Grange. As I approached the reception it was clear that the venue had a stylish and boutique type feel.

It was a beautiful day, quite warm for a September afternoon, so my meeting with Homefield’s Director, Suzanne Peck was held outside in one of the venue’s beautiful gardens. With rolling hills as a backdrop, Suzanne began to tell me her story about the creation of Homefield.

“I first attended a detox health retreat in 1998. It was an amazing place called Tyringham Clinic, near Milton Keynes. I’d just had my wisdom teeth removed and my mum had read that detoxing would be a great way to help me heal. It was during my week at Tyringham that I met a lady that would change my life forever – ‘Maggie’ - a stunning, fit looking lady of 63 who had been bitten on her ankle by an unknown insect whilst on holiday in the Rocky Mountains. She became very unwell on her return to London. No drugs seemed to help her and she progressively lost the use of her muscles. On the day of my arrival, I watched her being wheeled into the retreat by her worried husband. One week later, after following a wheat, caffeine, sugar free diet, Maggie literally ran out of the retreat to greet her husband. As I stood there watching the tears of joy stream down ‘Geoffrey’s’ face – it was a moment that would forever change my life. My passion up to that point had always been fitness and exercise, but now I knew my vocation was to work with clients on a deeper level – helping them feel and look great – starting from the inside out. I retrained as a Naturopathic Practitioner and Nutritional Therapist and opened the doors to my own retreat in 2005.”

So how does Homefield Grange make you feel amazing, inside and out?

Like many businesses it starts with a conversation. It is vital for the TEAM to get an understanding and agree what success looks like for you. For some of us our goals for change could be in preparation for a wedding, or special lifetime event. For others it is to leave behind the stresses and strains of work life, or it may be that dietary and lifestyle advice is needed for a specific health complaint. As Suzanne says, “Homefield is really the motivational kick start people often need to start making themselves a priority again. We help our clients simply get back on track.”

With a fabulous kitchen serving fresh vegan food and cleansing juices, the food programme at Homefield is bespoke to each client. A residential package includes walking, exercise classes, practical food demonstrations, included pampering treatments and lessons from the nutritionists on how to apply healthy eating to everyday life. Suzanne’s philosophy carries through to Homefield’s delivery of making eating and living well a fun, practical and achievable habit.

Serving fresh vegan food and cleansing juices
Serving fresh vegan food and cleansing juices

So what’s a typical day at Homefield?

7.00am - Breakfast

8.00am - Nordic Walk

10.00am - Cardio Class

11.00am - Treatments

12.00pm - Lunch with Q & A - this includes practical stuff that they can apply to everyday life after Homefield Grange

2.00pm - Treatments

5.00pm - Talk of the day - this could be a range of topics, including, wellness, nutrition, stress, etc.

6.00pm - Yoga

7.00pm - Dinner

8.00pm - Educational Movie

So what does the future hold for Homefield? Since the summer of 2017, clients can enjoy the treatments of detoxing, anti ageing, fat removal, diagnostic testing and de-stressing treatments as a day guest. Offering packages such as ‘Detox Me’ – ‘Shrink Me’ – ‘Pamper Me’ – you’ll be guaranteed a bespoke package suitable for your needs. Everything about Homefield is personalised – it’s far from the conveyor belt approach offered at larger spa’s in the UK.

With an ever increasing ageing population, health is becoming an ever more important commodity. As Suzanne states, “The car you drive, the clothes you wear, the business you work hard in – none of that is possible to enjoy if you don’t have your health.”

If you feel it’s time to look after yourself a little better – give Homefield a ring to see how they can help on 01536 712219 (9am to 6pm Monday to Sunday).

Or visit Open 50 weeks per year.

Watch out for the new thermal suite opening in 2018, including

The Salt Water Hydropool - brilliant for skin conditions

Infra Red Therapy Beds - great for arthritic conditions as it boosts circulation and helps with any inflammatory conditions

Salt Inhalation Steam Room - perfect for those with asthma or lung issues

Herbal Sauna - using herbs from the herb garden, this can include lavender which is perfect for calming and relaxation

Rasul Mud Chamber

Deep Massage Water Beds - fantastic for sore muscles, achy joints and bad backs

Seaweed & Mineral Baths

Scottish Douche

Hammam Room (a massage on a hot slab. This originates from 1,000’s of years ago. It stimulates the immune system, helping with colds and flus).

Deep Relaxation Room – time to let go for a while.