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IoT (Internet of Things) - the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity which enables these things to connect, collect and exchange data.

(Left) Stephen Westley Director at Daventry based  IRIS IoT Solutions Limited. (Right) Andrew Lewer Member of Parliament  of the United Kingdom
(Left) Stephen Westley Director at Daventry based IRIS IoT Solutions Limited. (Right) Andrew Lewer Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom

“I just enjoy exploring technology, always have” says Stephen Westley, Director at Daventry based IRIS IoT Solutions Limited “and after 20 years in the mobile phone business, the Internet of Things is not only a remarkable challenge, but an amazing opportunity to bring about improvements in all walks of our lives – personal, social, business and work. For instance, did you know that a body of work in the US has shown that minor increases in CO2 within an environment (to 1000ppm), has the same effect as consuming 2 pints of beer (that explains why everyone is dozing off in a poorly ventilated meeting room!!) equating to an 11.6% reduction in performance and decision-making effectiveness. Can you imagine the consequences of this in today’s large, open plan office environments and the cost to the business”?

IRIS IoT was formed to meet such challenges and bring cost effective solutions to everyday working environments and positive change to daily living.

At its simplest IoT informs, it provides detailed information – data – about whatever we choose and can provide masses of it and from that data we can make informed decisions and take meaningful actions. By deploying unobtrusive sensors and applications, we can monitor and measure countless objects and scenarios – machines, traffic flows, supermarket expeditions. At one extreme you have the Amazon shopping experience – no tiresome queuing at the checkout, simply ‘pick’n’go’ and payment is automatically taken from your bank account. Or the Starbucks breakfast, when reaching a defined proximity to your regular Starbucks your mobile phone automatically triggers preparation of your favoured double mocha skinny latte and low-fat muesli crunch, which you conveniently collect at the drive thru’ without even stopping to have to pay. Amazing conveniences in an ever increasingly frenetic world. However, imagine how that same technology could revolutionise Care in the Home and Care in the Community, enabling countless numbers of the elderly and challenged to enjoy the freedom of independent living and participate in community life. Responsible deployment of unobtrusive sensors can inform on a variety of everyday activities e.g. recording movement to establish that people are active or raising alerts in the event of a sudden fall; capturing essential food preparation activity to ensure that people are eating properly and monitoring environment for maintaining living temperature and safety. Far from ‘big brother’, oppressive intrusion, technology can be harnessed to release individuals from institutional existence into a more self-sustaining and fulfilling independence and IoT is the formula that connects those parts to create the whole.

IRIS IoT is focussed towards enabling such change in the world of business, working on monitoring processes and environments for real-time information and data, providing simple visualisations and displays of often complex situations, enabling timely decision-making and actions – mostly preventative, occasionally opportunistic, but always informed. By integrating the resilience and mobility of 4G cellular networks with energy efficient LoRa local area networking and the power and security of EDGE computing, IRIS is delivering leading edge, industry defining solutions in projects from Livestock Health to Wellness in the Workplace and Automated Industrial Maintenance and Building Management Solutions, providing 24/7 visibility, diagnostics, real time program management and pro-active decision making. For modest capital investment and competitive operational cost, businesses can realise outstanding returns, not only in enhanced productivity but more importantly in the quality of information and data available to them and the refocussing and optimisation of workforce and valuable resources and assets.

Whilst clearly determined in building itself as a leading international IoT services provider, IRIS is also championing Northampton and the region’s tech businesses, creative talent and outstanding academic resources as a Centre for Digital Excellence and Enterprise, with establishment of a Digital Hub in Northampton - a focal point for sharing knowledge, co-operation and partnership in exploring and exploiting the IoT universe. Northampton South MP Andrew Lewer, supports a Northampton digital hub. He says,

"The future of Northampton’s economy and community depends on all of us reaching out and embracing the envelope of technology. Northampton should endeavour to be ahead of the curve. It is plain to see the substantial advantages that the Internet of Things brings and we should grasp the opportunity and forge the benefits for our future needs here in Northampton. A Northampton digital hub provides the basis for this.”

Anyone interested in IoT and what it can do for their business or a Digital Hub in Northampton, contact and let’s make Northampton a digital success.