Restaurant Review: La Terraza Tapas Bar

I was recommended La Terraza Tapas Bar by a few friends who suggested I should go, and when they told me it was based in Grange Park, I didn’t believe them! And as someone who has never experienced Spanish Tapas before, I questioned why I hadn’t gone before. So I was quick to get on their website and find their phone number to book a table. At the time of booking, it was a Monday night and I hadn’t noticed on the opening hours, it was closed on Monday’s so I couldn’t ring them to book a table. Conveniently, the website had an online booking system; something I wouldn’t usually trust, but I managed to book a table through their system quickly and efficiently for a Thursday night.

As we arrived at Grange Park, I could see how this place could easily be missed amongst everything else from the outside, but as we stepped inside; it was cosy, compact and bustling with people. A sigh of relief when the waitress approached us and found our booking from the online system and sat us down. It was rather busy for a Thursday night, as I noticed they had a lot of regular customers coming in just from how the waitresses were greeting them. You can see the venue has made the effort to try and be as accommodating and authentic as possible and have tried to work with the small dining area with dark wooden pine decor, limoncello coloured cushions and interior, but I wasn’t blown away by the decor and didn’t necessarily feel like we were sitting in a Spanish Tapas Bar. However, I noticed that they had their own bar - which is ideal for anyone looking for a quiet place for cocktails!

Our waitress served us with a smile - offering us drinks and olives whilst we browsed the menu and she was able to give us plenty of time to decide. I had previously looked at the menu on the website, where I was confused by what ‘Huerto’, ‘Monte’ and ‘Mar’ meant. But upon taking a closer look at the dishes, I could see that it translated to vegetarian, meat and fish - made sense! Once we were sat down, we found it difficult to decide what we wanted to have first, as there was certainly plenty of choice to choose from - something that’s always a positive!

“My friend complimented how much flavour the king prawns had and commented that he wish he wasn’t so full from everything else, as he would’ve ordered more!”

Eventually, we managed to select at least one dish from each section so we could get the full experience of Spanish Tapas. From the ‘vegetarian’ section, we selected the garlic mushrooms with parsley and lemon and sweet potato fries with sour cream (my favourite!) From the meat section, we went for the platter of Iberican Spanish serrano ham, chorizo, pork loin and salchichon, chicken breast smothered in manchego cheese sauce, wrapped in Serrano ham and Spanish beef meatballs with rich mediterranean tomato sauce.

Then from the fish section, I didn’t particularly fancy having a fish dish as it’s not something I choose to order at a restaurant, however, my friend went for the king prawns cooked in garlic, virgin olive oil, pimenton & chilli flakes, which I agreed I would try a little bit of.

One thing I noticed was that not all the dishes came out at the same time - that’s because everything is cooked fresh and comes out once ready, which I highly appreciated! Everything looked and smelled AMAZING. We also ordered two half pints of San Miguel to compliment, as you’ve got to have Spanish beer in a Spanish tapas bar! My favourite dish had to be the chicken smothered in the manchego cheese sauce - possibly the must-try dish because it was tender, cheesey and mouth-watering that I wanted to order seconds!

Meatballs are usually not something I order either, but because they were Spanish meatballs, I had to try them - what I throughly enjoyed about these meatballs was that they didn’t have that bristly texture some meatballs have. These Spanish ones were soft, meaty and full of flavour complemented with the rich tomato sauce.

My friend complimented how much flavour the king prawns had and commented that he wish he wasn’t so full from everything else, as he would’ve ordered more! The sweet potato fries were too good to be true; covered in sickly sweet honey, soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside and dipped in sour cream was my type of dish. The garlic mushrooms had a bit ‘too’ much garlic for my liking, but overall they still managed to tingle my taste buds!

Everything was cooked fresh and everything was bursting with Spanish flavours and cooked in a traditional style by our chefs from Valencia & Madrid - exactly as described on their website. I wasn’t disappointed at all with the food that we ordered and the whole experience.

I wasn’t planning on having dessert, but when the waitress handed us a dessert menu, we couldn’t resist! We both opted for the Creme Brulee, which was not your traditional Creme Brulee, as it added a Spanish twist. With its creamy, vanilla texture, topped with a sticky, cinnamon flavoured topping, we both agreed it was like tasting something from our childhood - so good!

Despite waiting a long time to grab the bill and pay, we felt relaxed the whole time whilst enjoying our beers and it didn’t fuss us that we were waiting as we never felt we were in a rush to leave.

If you’re looking for a full dinner with a starter, main and pudding, you’ve come to the wrong place. But if you’re like me who likes trying different types of food, especially from a different cuisine and with no limit on how many dishes you can order, then this is the place for you.

If you’re not able to jump on a plane to Spain anytime soon and want to enjoy the true taste of Spain right in Northampton, then make La Terraza Tapas Bar your next meal out.

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