All Things Business spoke to Lee Scott, Executive Chef at Hibiscus Fine Dining Restaurant

What can diners expect to experience differently from Hibiscus compared to other Northamptonshire restaurants?

We are looking to create a sophisticated and contemporary space with high levels of food and service, but with great value for money which we believe is unique. The concept is simple, relaxed fine dining with amazing service.

Where does your culinary inspiration come from?

My inspiration always comes from the seasons. We want to utilise all the great produce from our island and some beyond. Expect bold flavours in an atmosphere that will make the dining experience one to remember.

How would you describe your style of cooking?

My style of cooking is traditional with some modern techniques, concentrating on the main ingredient and doing as little as possible to distract from amazing produce from some great local suppliers.

Is there a dish to watch out for on the new Hibiscus menu that you’re particularly proud of?

I'm proud of all the dishes of course, one dessert stands out in the lemon cheesecake with hibiscus granita, everyone loves cheesecake right? This one is special, think lemon meringue pie!

Can we expect to see a good wine offering at the new restaurant?

The wine offering at the restaurant will be small but perfectly formed, expect wines which are not common place with a good selection of reds and of course champagne and prosecco, aperitifs and cocktails, plus some great beers too.

Tom Hewer Catering seems to be really driving up standards locally in the food and drink arena, will there be more from the partnership?

We believe in the town as a real undiscovered gem for food and service, with some great restaurants already in the area. We hope to add significant purpose to the Northampton dining scene. As for future endeavours, of course, but you will have to wait and see as we concentrate on restaurant Hibiscus.

What is your favourite restaurant in the UK?

My favourite restaurant in the UK, apart from Hibiscus, is The Elephant in Torquay, stunning food and service without the fuss, lovely.

To book a table at Hibiscus Fine Dining visit; or call 01604911073. You can also follow Hibiscus Fine Dining on Twitter; @HibiscusDining