Local cleaning company offers up 50 hours for charity

Ann Brebner as the Cleaning Fairy
Ann Brebner as the Cleaning Fairy

Local cleaning company, Time for You Northampton, are offering up 50 hours of their own time to raise money for a Northampton based charity, The Lighthouse Centre.

Run by local entrepreneur Ann Brebner, Time for You have been cleaning homes in Northampton since 2003. With this year being Ann’s 50th, she was keen to do something a little different and give back to the community that has supported her over the past 15 years.

“I am a long-term supporter of the Lighthouse Centre, and wanted to do something around my business that raised much needed funds for the charity.”

Aside from raising money for the Lighthouse Centre, Ann is also looking to help people within the community struggling with everyday life by cleaning their homes. People with long-term illnesses, the disabled or elderly; Ann is asking for help identifying people who may benefit from a clean of their home.

“This is also about helping those in need. So we are on the hunt for anyone struggling with everyday life in one way or another. We would be grateful hearing from anyone you think could benefit from some of our free time.”

The Lighthouse Centre is a complementary therapy unit set up and run by Gemma Dearsley in Northampton. They aim is to provide holistic treatments to patients with long term conditions such as cancers, in order to help support them throughout their time of need.

If you know someone who could benefit from a clean, nominations and reasons why can be submitted here