Local franchise donates vital funds to the ‘united together’ campaign

McDonald’s franchisee Perry Akhtar donates £2,500 to support the United Counties League ‘United Together’ campaign

To support the United Counties League’s anti-discrimination ‘United Together’ campaign, McDonald’s franchisee, Perry Akhtar, has donated £2,500 to provide 41 banners, along with badges and wristbands to 40 clubs across six counties, including a banner for the League HQ in Peterborough.

The donation will help to introduce the ‘United Together’ campaign with the anti-discrimination charity ‘Kick It out’ for season 2019/20. The vital organisation works within the football, educational and community sectors across the country to challenge discrimination, encourage inclusive practices and work for positive change in football.

The banners, along with the badges and wristbands, are designed to reach out to officials, players and spectators alike all season, making it easier to report any incidents, change perspectives and educate people to marginalise racism and discrimination of all forms in football and the wider community.

Local McDonald’s franchisee, Perry Akhtar, said: “I am thrilled to be supporting the ‘Kick it Out’ campaign and hope the donation helps the campaign reach its objectives. It is so important to support organisations that are encouraging positive change and inclusion in the community and I plan to continue helping in whatever way I can. I want to say a huge thank you to those who are part of the campaign for their ongoing hard work.”

‘Kick It Out’ campaign director, Jon Smith, said: “The banners at all 40 of our League clubs will be displayed proudly and loudly proclaiming the stance that we all share, ‘United Together’. Thanks to McDonald’s support we stand a great chance of achieving our goals. Eradicating racism and discrimination is the ultimate trophy.”