Celebrating 30 years of business in Milton Keynes

Lisa Spearman, Private Client Partner.
Lisa Spearman, Private Client Partner.

Mercer & Hole has been a part of the Milton Keynes business community for 30 years. In that time the tax environment for individuals has changed as much as the place itself. One of the interesting things about working with individuals is observing how their circumstances and needs change as times pass and helping them through those changes. In my experience this is especially the case in MK and surrounding areas.

As Milton Keynes developed it was something of a magnet for entrepreneurs and a great many companies and businesses were set up. Typically the owners did not consider themselves wealthy or pay much attention to their personal finances as they devoted their time and resources to the growing business. Thirty years on, however, many of these people are in a very different position and considering their future:

• Is it time to retire and sell or pass the business on to the next generation?

• The answer to this generates more questions:

How will you do that and when you have, what will you live on – do you have pensions in good shape?

• How will you manage the new found cash resources?

• Is it time to revisit Inheritance tax planning - a business is often an exempt asset for inheritance tax purposes but will your children now face a tax bill?

At Mercer & Hole, we can help. We use our experience to help people in this transitional stage to look at their affairs, decide the right course of action for the future and then find a way to arrange their financial affairs to meet those objectives. Taking advice is not just for the super-rich. Whether you are running a business, are a landlord, have just received inheritance or are facing any other change in your financial circumstances, the best advice has to be to plan ahead where possible and think about both short and long term issues. Please get in touch to talk to us about what you would like to achieve and to see how we can help you.

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