Getting to know Guy Hodgkinson

Why did you became an accountant?

No doubt you’ll all groan and turn over the page but from an early age I’ve always had a genuine interest in business and learning how it all works - accounting seemed the perfect profession to achieve this goal. At MHA MacIntyre Hudson, the great SME presence and broad range of clients meant I was able to specialise in the areas I found most interesting, such as the manufacturing sector. In short, becoming an accountant has enabled me to work in an industry I always had an interest in, whilst giving me the freedom to experience work across a broad range of sectors.

Did you set out to become an accountant or drift into it?

As I alluded to above, the understanding of what I was interested in early on allowed me to plan a career path for myself at school and tailor my studies towards business related subjects. I selected A-levels based on my strengths, knowing I wanted to enrol in an Accounting focused degree at university.

How has your career developed?

After joining the firm as a graduate trainee straight from university, I was able to work with clients almost immediately with the support of my colleagues. This helped immensely with my development as I was able to see everything I had learned whilst obtaining my degree in practice. As part of the graduate programme, MHA MacIntyre Hudson also supported my ACA exams which meant I was able to become a chartered accountant whilst working. Now 8 years on, I have progressed from junior to manager and now audit director, and have ambitions to become a partner in the future.

What achievements are you most proud of?

Becoming an audit director, a husband and a dad before the age of 30!

When dealing with client work, what aspect have you found the most surprising?

Having worked with a variety of different people, clients, businesses I very quickly learnt that it is all about relationships. The clients appreciate that I know the relevant accounting standards but they value the service. Service to me is picking up the phone, responding quickly to queries, managing expectations and listening to needs. This is the same for any business – treat each customer as you expect to be treated, don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth!

What would be your one piece of advice to those wanting to have a career in accountancy?

Be reliable! And be there for your colleagues and clients…a large and important part of it is building and maintaining relationships and being responsive along with it! Audit in particular is all about teamwork, so show that you are reliable, responsive and personable, and you will go far.

Guy Hodgkinson, Audit & Accounts Director  at MHA MacIntyre Hudson
Guy Hodgkinson, Audit & Accounts Director at MHA MacIntyre Hudson

Quick fire questions

I’m happiest when… I’d have to say going for a walk on a crisp sunny day with my family finishing it off with a nice cold pint or cup of tea – depends how crisp!

My favourite book is… The Gruffalo – I read it every night to my son.

I’d like to be remembered as… An accountant that never seemed like an accountant.

My worst habit is… I use clichés too much.

Favourite quote is… One team, One dream

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