Time to get started for 2019

2019 gets off to a flying start at Moulton College with Get Started, a programme which aims to provide a fun and inclusive environment for young people aged 16-18 not currently in education or training.

With a legal requirement for young people to remain in education until they are 18, many will have not yet found a course suitable for them, or may have started working towards A-levels before realising that route isn’t for them.

The Get Started course runs over four days a week from January until June 2019 and provides a real focus on key areas of development, such as employability, confidence and English and maths, alongside providing hands-on opportunities across the college in animal welfare, construction, land-based studies and food and drink. The structure ensures that young people complete the course ready for the world of work or having made a decision on what to study next year.

Josie Cuccia, Course Manager for Get Started at Moulton College said: “We’re really excited to meet this year’s intake of students. Many young people come on to this course unsure of the direction they want to take with their lives and careers, and through their time here we give them a taste of everything on offer at Moulton to find something they really enjoy. "

“Many of last year’s Get Started students found something that inspired them and are now enrolled on full-time courses at Moulton. Seeing the growth and development of the young people over the time they are involved with Get Started is amazing.”

Applications are now open for the January 2019 intake for young people aged 18 not in education or training. To find out more, visit www.moulton.ac.uk/get-started

Meanwhile, bookings are now being taken for 2019 for Moulton College’s Sports Injury Clinic, which is run by university-level Sports Therapy students and open for members of the public and local businesses.

Whether patients require a structured rehabilitation programme or a one-off treatment for a minor injury, a wide range of treatments are available – including sport and relaxation massages, electrotherapy and taping or strapping.

The clinic is staffed by students and all sessions are overseen by Moulton College’s professionally qualified staff, bringing with them a wealth of both national and international experience and accreditation. All consultations last for 60 minutes and are priced at just £5.00.

Visit the Moulton College website: http://www.moulton.ac.uk/