The Most Common Business Mistake (You’re Probably Making it Now)…

Being a mum is the most important job in the world, and the most self-sacrificing job too. The majority of mums give their lives to everyone else and often put themselves last (if they even get that high).

I see the same thing happening with business owners, everyone else is more important than them (customers, staff, suppliers, your network, social media connections and even the opinions of other people). I hope that you can see from this list of priorities, who are all more important than the business owner and their business, that it would be very difficult to focus on themselves and growing their business.

Time is a crucial priority, but when you give away your time to all these other people you are going to be eternally ‘busy’ and not busy doing the things you know you need to do or even want to do.

Now the question is…… how do I break this cycle? trust me you want to break this cycle. Jeffrey Gitomer, an author I highly respect and have gained some very valuable information from, puts this question to his audience “Who is more important you or your customer?” when the audience answers ‘The customer” Mr Gitomer asks this follow up question “If you and your customer were on a desert island and one has to die, who would it be? Now we know who is more important don’t we?” I use this quote a lot with my clients because it helps to add a little light hearted reality to the situation.

One of my very successful mastermind group clients once told me that their business really took off when they started making appointments with themselves and their business. They realised that if they had a doctors, dentist or family appointment it was stuck to and wasn’t disturbed so why should an appointment with themselves be any different. This client grew their business by over £1M in the next few years, what difference would that make to your business?

The accountability gained from attending mastermind groups and coaching sessions has certainly helped to focus business owners on their business and doing the things they need to do.

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