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Regardless of size or sector, IT is a crucial part of everyday life. Can you imagine what life would be like without the internet, or your Mac/PC? Some might say peaceful, others might say it would be catastrophic as they would lose productivity and that has financial implications. Steve Souch, founder and Director of NewGen IT Services set his business up to make a real difference for small and medium sized businesses.

Steve, how did you get into IT?

I’ve always had an interest in technology. I had my first PC when I was 13, Windows ME (Gateway PC) which I took apart and my Dad went mad! In 2005 I was an apprentice at 4U Systems in Cambridge Street, Wellingborough, building PC’s and I loved it. I left in 2007 and joined acs Office Solutions as a Workshop Engineer, and then progressed from a Helpdesk Support to Team Leader and then lastly Service Operations Manager.

What made you start NewGen IT?

Helping the smaller to medium sized businesses. My experience was that many local IT support companies chased the larger companies or the corporate accounts and the smaller organisations were left with few options. I wanted to make a difference, rather than being the “IT bod” that turns up when their is a problem. I want to provide a personable and approachable service where smaller companies that can’t afford the services of an IT professional, where they know my name and we can make a difference from the day we start working with them.

Tell our readers about the growth over the last 2 and a half years:

I started with my Mac working from my home office. After 5 months we moved into an office in Wellingborough, which was quickly followed by a move to the Diamond Centre. Last year we moved into a converted barn office Irchester where we have space for 16 people, in time.

Suraj Dholakia joined as joint owner and Director in April 2017 and comes from a wealth of experience in the IT sector. From a successful period at University (Manchester Met) studying Business Management Suraj joined acs Office Solutions as an Account Executive, and progressed to Sales Manager.

Suraj added “The vision for NewGen IT is to help small and medium sized businesses get the best out of their IT. I saw this as a great opportunity, where I can make a real difference.”

Since Suraj joined the business turnover has increased 500% and the client base has tripled. The offering is now more than just IT support, as we provide hardware, Cloud Services, AV Data Cabling and Connectivity.

NewGen IT have found a particular niche. “We make a real difference to businesses that are 20 - 30 users that do not have a dedicated IT Manager,” said Suraj. In a short space of time NewGen IT have built an impressive portfolio of clients in a variety of sectors, including, Atosa Catering based in Northampton, Optima Logistics who are a national company with a local logistics plant in Daventry and Clifford Roberts, who have multiple offices in the county.

What are businesses embracing?

I really enjoy seeing how businesses are embracing cloud technology, and coming away from the stigma that it is not secure. Flexible working is becoming more popular, in fact it is something we implemented this summer with the hot weather, where our team worked from home. Businesses are embracing it, but it will continue to be more common in the next 2 - 3 years. Companies that embrace this need to have a cloud solution that works for them. We have the experience and expertise to provide this.

What advice will you give clients in 2019?

ISDN is going end of life in 2022, so VOIP is going to be a part of daily business. If a company is not embracing VOIP now then they need to look at it in 2019 for certain.

What does the next 18 months look like?

We will be increasing our head count on both technical and sales sides of the business, and are recruiting at the moment. We will have a 2nd office in 2019, a location will be decided in early 2019. It won’t be a satellite office, it will be replicated with what we have already achieved in Northamptonshire.

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