Combining skills to make dreams a reality

There’s a certain mystique in combining ingredients together to cause a chain reaction, balancing levels or simply to cause mayhem. I believe mixing beer and cider constitutes the latter in my experience…

The truth is that certain sectors, such as medical and engineering have only been actively combining their skills within the last couple of decades. Advances in both sectors are now changing people’s lives. Bionics were once just a pipedream in a 70’s TV programme called “The Six Million Dollar Man” with the main character Steve Austin being rebuilt after a military accident, with bionic limbs that provided incredible strength, agility and speed to defeat the evil extremists of the day. Throughout the decades to follow, movies like Robocop, The Terminator and Iron Man influenced the audience to believing superhero / supervillain status is very possible with bionics.

These movies are great and influences a generation that the possibility of an era of superhero’s and supervillains could happen in our world. In reality though, The real super-heroes are Medical Doctors and Chief Engineers who continue to work in their field of expertise to find solutions in providing fully functional replacements limbs for amputees. Things have come a very long way from a hook replacing a hand. Every muscle and tendon replaced by an artificial engineered solution. Medical engineering, using state of the art actuators, mechatronics, sensors and microprocessors are combined with the human side of electrical signals, from muscles within the skin that allow for special sensors to process control over elements on an engineered limb such as fingers. Medical science and engineering science working in tandem for a greater good. Make no mistake, there are real superheroes among us.

These superheroes I talk of would have started off at the beginning of their journey. They would have started at a sixth form, college, or Apprenticeship learning the core engineering disciplines required to expand into these technologies. It’s all possible. Knowledge is the building blocks to making the impossible, possible.

Core skills are the foundations to build upon and the technical and non-technical Apprenticeships we offer could be part of that. It’s really exciting to see how the modern world is changing, and to be part of those starting off on their journey to greatness.

We at NITAL are extremely passionate in ensuring our apprentices fulfil their potential in whatever industry they are in. This is our duty of care, and after 50 years of doing just that, we continue to be a prime choice for businesses looking to support Engineering and Business Apprenticeships.

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Paul Dunlop - CEO at NITAL
Paul Dunlop - CEO at NITAL