Successful partnerships on and off the field

This month Northampton Town Football Club (NTFC) met up with the leaders of PTS Training Academy, dbfb Communications, Imperial Cars, T3 Signs and Mick George; all separate companies, but united under the banner of ‘Partners’ of the Club. They came together to discuss how they can all work and build together in 2020 and beyond.

Matthew Joyce of PTS discussed: “When PTS Training Academy first got involved with the club, we were curious to see what could come from it. Seeing people walking around with our logo on the back of their shirts in the middle of town has been an exciting privilege.”

But the overarching message from all NTFC partners, were the benefits they have experienced by being able to make more connections, with the huge amount of thriving businesses in the county, which NTFC are able to bring together.

Joyce continued by explaining: “We have been able to improve and develop relations with other businesses under the partnership umbrella; T3 Signs created the new stadium signage, dbfb are currently in the process of installing all new IT equipment in our main office at Moulton Park and by engaging with large employers such as Imperial Cars, we have been able to discuss their training needs and how they can upskill their staff using apprenticeships and traineeships. We are also engaged in conversations with other partners, such as Mick George, around how our businesses can work together, too.

“Local partnerships are paramount to us. Although we have offices and training facilities all over the UK, there was little to no local awareness. Sponsoring the club has allowed us to engage with NTFC’s large local following, as well as offer common ground for other local businesses. It has opened up doors to key decision makers of companies with whom we can forge mutually beneficial relationships. There is no doubt that sponsoring NTFC has impacted our business and resulted in introductions that could well become strong partnerships in the future. Thank you to the commercial team at the Club for making all this possible!”

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