Oakley Healthcare

January 2017 was the start of a new year for everybody, therefore it was certainly no exception for Oakley Healthcare, one of the leading specialists in all things healthcare and mobility, as it was the month of the launch of their new e-commerce website.

The launch of their new website means that not only will you be able to browse the wide range of products they stock, but you can now purchase and order their products easily from a click of a button.

Whether you have someone special in your life you care about, or you are reading this and feel you need the support and health care to get the best out of life, then you will see that this family run business have gone above and beyond. They are doing this not only in the showroom, but they’re now providing another source for people who are looking for quality products that will aid them in everyday life by providing them with a database to browse, purchase and order products from the comfort of their homes. A huge convenience for those who may not have the accessibility to get out of the house.

The website aims to provide full access to the whole of Oakley Healthcare’s catalogue of mobility and healthcare products. This includes their exclusive range of comfort shoes, beds and accessories, chairs including rise and recliner chairs, mobility scooters, access ramps and all your bathroom and toilet aids plus much more.

So what is the difference between their previous website compared to this brand new one? At Oakley Healthcare, their priority for the website is to make sure that it’s as user friendly as possible, especially for elderly people who may not have experience in using the internet and find regular websites confusing to use.

The website now displays big pictures with big links, in order for people to easily access the products and to be as accessible to everyone as much as possible. Simply by clicking on a photo of a product, you’ll be directed to the page of that product in seconds.

Now it’s easier than ever to browse products, add them to your basket and checkout with complete ease and efficiency.

The website will offer delivery options ensuring you have the choice to get your products delivered to the showroom within 24-48 hours, or have them delivered straight to your door. It’s just another way that Oakley Healthcare show that they truly care about their customers.

With the showroom usually being open from Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm, the new website will be available to order from 24/7, 365 days a year. A convenience for everybody!

If you’re looking for an efficient way to purchase the mobility and healthcare products you need for life, visit Oakley Healthcare’s new e-Commerce website at;


As a new website launch special, Oakley Healthcare are offering FREE delivery on all their products!