Portman Asset Finance

Mark Kozo, Head Of Marketing at Portman Finance
Mark Kozo, Head Of Marketing at Portman Finance

In our last installment from local business finance provider, Portman Asset Finance, we look at the specific benefits of asset finance. From buying new equipment to refitting an office/store/restaurant, affordable monthly repayments allow a business to grow without tying up valuable working capital. With access to over 40 finance lenders, Portman is perfectly placed to help your business realise its ambitions.

Growth through efficiency

Cash flow and the day-to-day running costs of a business are probably the concerns that rank highest with business owners. With regular monthly outgoings such as wages, suppliers, utilities and rent having to be met, focus and investment in business growth can take a back seat.

Whilst all business equipment has a shelf life, fixtures and fittings can also become tired and dated.

Trying to make the most of an old piece of equipment over a longer period of time may seem prudent at first, but it can be detrimental to progress. This false economy, may begin to cost you both time and money. Old IT equipment, non-responsive tools, ine cient machinery and temperamental vehicles, are not only potentially unsafe, but they can slow down productivity and stall growth.

Investing in new equipment and training now, to lower operating costs and improve efficiency can mean that your business can sustain long term performance, rather than looking for a temporary, quick fix.

Asset Finance, is then, a valuable tool when replacing depreciating assets. It gives a business fast, affordable access to new equipment when it needs it, rather than having to wait. New tools, equipment and other assets are more than just added expenses but instead are an investment in your businesses future.

Portman has a proud history of supporting both local and national business, within diverse industry sectors such as:

- Agriculture

- Catering

- Construction

- Engineering

- Manufacturing

- Leisure

- Retail

- Transport

- Logistics

- Professional Services

Finance to grow your business has never been more readily accessible or inexpensive.

With rates from just 2.5% (subject to circumstances) it is also available for both hard and soft assets.

To find out how Portman Asset Finance can help fund your business plans, please call them on 01604 761276 or visit the website for further information. Whether it’s a Lease Hire agreement, Hire Purchase or Commercial Loan, Portman Asset Finance can provide the right solution for you.